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Autumn's Diary

Hello everyone :sign0144:

I joined the forum this morning and thought I had posted in the right place...erm, seems I didn't! So I shall try again :)

I have been on LL for two weeks as of tomorrow and I won't lie, the first week was hard with week two being a lot better, apart from today. I have pretty much half my body weight to lose so it's better I start now than a year from now by which time they will likely have to roll me out of my house like a barrel!:cry:

I lost 11lbs week one and this is the thing that has given me a boost for week two so am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Although I have never been a person who has dieted much, I am tired of feeling tired all the time...of straining to get out of chairs, whilst pretending not to! I'm tired of walking short distances only to have my knees hurt(and everything else!)
I am tired of avoiding social situations and tired of attending these events where I spend all my time feeling like a whale compared to everyone else there. Pretending to enjoy myself has become exhausting in itself. I am tired of watching my friends and family get on with their lives and rightly experience new things, whilst I sit on the sidelines in a self imposed timeout, next to a seemingly friendly vending machine which is always full(and it ain't full of salad lol)!

I am tired of pretending I am happy.

Most of my friends and family are thin. They understandably don't get what it's like to carry this much weight and the ways in which it effects every aspect of your life. So, in here I am hoping that being around people who do understand will ultimately be a useful tool in helping me achieve my goal. I, like a lot of people have found the posts in here useful and very encouraging. They have been a great help to me over the last fortnight and hope that something in mine might help someone else too.

It will be a long road but worth the travelling I hope.

Roll on tomorrow's weigh-in!:innocent0001:
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Hi Autumn and good luck xx


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Hi Autumn
Welcome and good luck on your weight loss journey.
Hi Autumn, Welcome, keep posting, it really helps. There are so many supportive people on this forum, it really does help to know we are not alone and can share our journey.


Tough But Sexy X
Hey lovely, welcome! Congrats on last weeks loss and fingers crossed you get another good one this week!

This is a great source of knowledge and support offered by some fantastic people, you certainly have come to the right place!

Keep us posted on how you're doing xx
Aww, I'm very grateful to have received your replies and I thank you all for taking the time to send them :) I am indeed feeling very positive that this forum will be a great motivator and will(alongside class), make me accountable for the choices I make over the coming months!

I have read so many of your posts over the last fortnight that it is lovely to have you wish me well.



Tough But Sexy X
well just you remember we are all in it together and support each other when the going gets tough hunny xxx
Firstly, I love your username!

Secondly, welcome to the forum! I started LL a few weeks ago too, just a day before you, actually! So we're in pretty much the same boat. :) This forum has been great so far even just for support and feeling like you're not alone!

I look forward to reading your diary and hearing about all the success you have to look forward to! :)
Thank you so much Pandora for your message :hug99: How do you feel you're getting on with it so far? It's nice to know you have started at the same time and are therefore at the same stage. My username is my homage to my favourite song by Nat King Cole. His voice was/is so beautiful that I just drift away in my mind whilst listening to him. (Autumn is also my favourite season;))


Well, week 2 weigh-in tonight. 3lbs down. I am trying to convince myself that 3lbs is a great amount but am not quite there yet lol. I was expecting more...my own fault for having expectations about it! I have stuck to the plan religiously so I will try to be proud regarding it and not be too harsh on myself (which is what I usually do if I feel I have let myself down). I did everything I was supposed to, so my body can only do what it can for me in return, whatever that may be when I step on the scales. Part of me feels like going for a couple of weeks without finding out the numbers, just to stop my brain focusing on it...although by next Wednesday I'll be desperate to know I'm sure! :)

3lbs means I've now lost over a stone in 2 weeks so that is definitely something to celebrate!:winner:

I think upping(starting really haha) some exercise is the name of the game for week 3. I will try best! :character00115:

Off to bed now, hoping that the fat-burning pixies visit me in the night!:nightf:
Hello lovely girl and welcome to the forum.

Very eloquent first post. I think when you have a serious weight issue ( I count myself in this catagory, needing to loose half one's body weight to be in the healthy bmi catagory) it is a whole different ball game. Unlike you I have dieted on all the other diets with minimum success. This the only one I have done and am doing that I can see any results with. It is the only weight loss plan that addresses the cause of the weight, and helps us sort out our crooked thinking around food. It is such a relief to be food free and not have to worry, I find the cravings far less and the whole thing in general once in ketosis far easier to manage.

Look forward to sharing in your journey. Drink plenty of water and post often both really help xx

ps a stone in the first two weeks is a good loss. xx
Welcome Autumn Leaves and a huge congratulations on your fantastic weight loss, I am a week behind you!

look forward to seeing your weight loss post next weigh in xx
Thank you Clarabow and loopylorns for your messages :) and for your kind words about my week 2 weigh-in. I must say I'm feeling very positive today and pleased with myself! Yay! ;)

I must agree Clara, that not having to worry about what I'm going to eat is great and is making LL much easier to stick to so far. When I have eaten smaller portions or low-fat food at times in the past, there has always been a want to add something 'bad'(which I nearly always did). On LL I am so aware of knocking myself out of ketosis and ruining the hard work I've done so far that it gives me MUCH more pause for thought, despite my cravings(so far I've been positively angelic! :innocent0002:).

My thinking is definitely crooked so having the time to study that thought process whilst using the packs for nutritional purposes only is definitely new for me and something I am finding very useful so far. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss so far! It's a great reminder that it's possible, especially as you were in a similar starting category to myself.

Loopy, I wish you lots of luck on your journey, we are both at the beginning and I look forward to seeing how you get on! It's lovely to know people who are at different stages of the process, as we can all pour out our woes and have others relate to it. It's such a great source of support, I feel the benefits already. Woot for the forum! :gen126: (and I'm sure it won't be too much longer before I can properly navigate my way around it lol;))
Thank you so much Pandora for your message :hug99: How do you feel you're getting on with it so far? It's nice to know you have started at the same time and are therefore at the same stage. My username is my homage to my favourite song by Nat King Cole. His voice was/is so beautiful that I just drift away in my mind whilst listening to him. (Autumn is also my favourite season;))

Oh I love Nat King Cole!

I'm finding the diet great so far. People seem surprised I haven't fallen off the wagon, but after losing just shy of a stone in 2 weeks it's a no brainer for me! How are you? Any side effects?

Joining the gym is a great idea - I did it on Wednesday night. :D
Hi autumn , i fully understand your entire first post being of a similar start weight to you , im on week 4 .. well done on your loss so far , hope your having a great week , looking forward to reading more of your diary x
The advantage of being in the upper brackets at the start .... is boy does our weight loss look impressive at the start. I think the larger you are the more you benefit from this program. I've never lost weight in any significant ammount before this.

Onwards and downwards ladies xx


Tough But Sexy X
Great post Autumn, knowing that you have to lose such a lot of eight can be very daunting, but with LL is is very achievable and others have said quite rapidly! That's incentive enough to keep you on plan, other diets can not compare with this one and it offers the additional support in the group sessions, none of this happy clappy brigade going on, you are treated like an adult with an issue with food! Which is a breath of fresh air really!

The plan can be challenging in social situations and also when you start dropping dress sizes as the crooked thoughts kick in and lead you to thinking you don't need to continue after losing a few stone or so!

You will get some amazing support on here, good luck hun xx
Hi Autumn
I like you have quite an amount of weigh to shift and I totally understand your first post I am one of those people too. I am on week 3 so we can keep one another company on our journey. The ladies on here are full of encouragement and so helpful. This is the beginning of the 'new' you. Lots of luck.
Dorothy x

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