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  1. Sweetcheeks24

    Sweetcheeks24 Full Member

    Last night had to be the worst night ever, I was craving something to actually eat so much.

    It hadn't helped i'd been at work all day so I had all my shakes by 6 cos I was then going out to a comedy show. Well I got home about 11:30. I was so emotional :cry:I cried, I took it out on OH which I shouldn't have done then I had a bag of crisps eeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!

    Have tested myself this morning on still in ketosis, would it show I had come out of it already if the crisps had affected it?

    I really had lost all motivation last night and was so angry at myself, this morning i've come on here for some inspiration and found it thank god. I honestly can't think of anything worse than quitting the diet at this point, I just think if I do all my hard work this week has been for nothing.

    Have I ruined my whole week or do you think as long as I stick to it rigidly as I have over past week I will still lose?

    Help needed please xxx
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  3. Kim&Leah

    Kim&Leah Silver Member

    well you're still in ketosis if the stick says so!
    dont be too hard. it wasnt a big binge was it? it was just a packet of crisps so maybe it didnt effect ketosis so much?
    ill wait for the expert to reply lol
    but i dont think it will have affected ur loss this week...... cos come on, were on 415 calories a day!! a packet of crisp is about 100kcal so no way can you go a week eating uunder 500 kcal and not lose anything.

    chin up its almost monday :D xxxxx :hug99:
  4. Sweetcheeks24

    Sweetcheeks24 Full Member

    cheers Kim! I know I am looking forward to Monday, think it will give me the boost I need although got to get through today cos I am starving again!! Hope everything is going well for you hun xx
  5. turquoise

    turquoise Member

    Hi Sweetcheeks24

    You'll be OK. Losses will still be good.

    You'd only stop losing weight if you were taking in in a fair bit in excess of your basal metabolic energy requirement each day. That will definitely be over 1200 cals and doesn't account for any exercise you do like walking, housework, gardening let alone formal exercise activities. Thes would make you need even more calories to keep going.

    If you were taking in enough to cover these, which you aren't, 100 cals extra could only add 1/35 of a pound of fat. Barely registering on the scales.

    Guaranteed, you'll have a good loss this week.

    Pamper yourself a little on weigh in day and put it behind you, telling yourself that slim people's intake fluctuates but they don't beat themselves up and go right on eating in a balanced way and it all levels out.

    You're on your way.
  6. turquoise

    turquoise Member

    I forgot to mention an indiscretion of my own.

    Had a rough time at work last week and went for a drink with friends.

    Had 2 bottles of water and 2 shots of Vodka.
    Had 2 foodpacks left for the day and decided to skip one to account of the 120cals from the vodka.

    Silly, I know. If it happened again, I'd have the foodpack too.

    Well, I lost 5lbs at the next weigh in, week 4.

    Weight management is an 80/20 thing. 80% healthybut with 20% leeway helps you manage it into a modern lifestyle.
  7. Sweetcheeks24

    Sweetcheeks24 Full Member

    Turquoise thank you so much for that reply, really cheered me up actually and your so right! xxxx
  8. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    glad your ok now. just forget about it and look forward to your weigh in.

    becky xxx
  9. Sweetcheeks24

    Sweetcheeks24 Full Member

    Have spoken to my councillor, she is lovely and was so supportive encouraging me to carry on. OH has been great too. Back on track now xx
  10. Kim&Leah

    Kim&Leah Silver Member

  11. carolyn01

    carolyn01 Full Member

    Hi sweetcheeks,

    You are on day 6 like me I think.

    Yesterday I thought Id been possessed, I couldnt stop thinking about food and ended up having half a slice of turkey breast in a lettuce leaf but I felt naseous and really ill,

    today I feel great, tummy still few hunger pangs but trying to go out and keep busy thats what im doing all week. Makes the time go quicker.

    My first weigh in on Monday too. Cant wait!:)
  12. Sweetcheeks24

    Sweetcheeks24 Full Member

    Good luck with your weigh in Carolyn!! Mine is at 7:30 on Monday. Am hoping it will give me a much needed boost. I know what you mean about feeling posessed hehe. I was like that yesterday. Still struggling today tbh but determined to ride it out xx

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