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Azi's weight loss diary

I sort of started Tuesday, but actually weighed myself Friday and did a decent food shop, told my hubby etc then too, so I'm going to have Friday as my weigh-day. :D
I also took a before picture (in my underwear, from the back... it was revolting :() and plan to take 4-weekly photos to help keep me motivated. I've also worked out some mini-goals on the way to my final target weight of 10 stone.

It's started well, I'm enjoying the low-cal food, and enjoying feeling in control of me again. Although this is only the beginning, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step as they say.
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Heya, I hope everything goes well for you.
The picture may be awful now, but think how great it'll be to see the progression over the following months.
Best wishes.
Cheers Pink!

Today's weigh in day... 8lbs off :D


Gold Member
Fantastic - what a brilliant start! That is really going to motivate you. Good to see someone else trying the healthy eating route - i am convinced it is the way forward for me as if I go too 'diety' I just seem to get obsessed. I am finding that food is not figuring in my mind too much at all - how is it for you?
Same! Whenever I've tried to lose weight before I've become obsessive, tried to go ever more restrictive and of course that's just not sustainable long term and so I give up. The best thing about the healthy eating this time is that I'm actually really enjoying my food, and not feeling deprived. I think my poor diet is usually a signal that my state of mind is a bit off - when I'm unhappy I eat quick easy fatty and sugary foods (because it's easy and a 'pick-me-up'), in ever increasing quantities... and it only makes me unhappier long term!

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