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ProPoints Azwethinkweiz (Sarah)s new food diary!

Decided to start one of these so that I have a record online aswell as in my tracker app, plus other people have great input in other peoples food diaries I noticed :)
Today so far (28/06/2011):

Milk allowance - 2pp

Tea - 0pp
Activia snackpot - 2pp
Banana - 0pp
1 belvita - 1pp

Would've preferred some porridge or a bagel but kinda slept in hehe..

WW wrap - 3pp
WW ham - 1pp
Laughing cow extra light - 0pp
BNS & red pepper soup - 0pp (?)

1 sugar free jelly - 0pp
Special k bliss - 2pp
Snack-a-jacks - 3p
Some pineapple - 0pp

WW Ocean Pie - 5pp

Still have 10pp left so might have something nice for my tea in a while, any suggestions? :) x
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jem3139 said:
welcome hun and good luck here to follow your diary x
Thanks jem, feel free to point out things I might be doing wrong, I'm doing this at home :) x


I need chocolate now!!!
Congrats on the 2lb loss Az and I look forward to reading your diary,

Had a WW bagel with a fried egg & a little flora light for 7pp :) had that with a white coffee 3pp brings my day to a grand total of 29pp eggsactly :p

Thanks ellen, hope I've another loss this week *fingers crossed* x
Have the rest of the week off work (excellent because I've been working like a dog lately) so had a tasty brekkie. My day so far:

Milk allowance - 3pp

Egg white omelette with chicken tikka and extra light laughing cow - 4pp
Cup of coffee - 0pp

WW caramel bar - 2pp
Velvet crunch - 2pp

Right so... Went completely off the rails last night because me and my sis were going to bon jovi and she wanted to eat out and drink lots lol. So we had fish and chips (skinny fries actually) in a restaurant - I pointed that at 30pp but if its more, could someone let me know?
Had 3 glasses of wine, 1 bulmers cider, 1 vodka (and half a can of kopparberg when we got home)... I _think_ I must've used all my weekly points at this rate so will need to stick to my 29pp for the rest of the week... If possible could someone guesstimate my alcohol pp? I put it in as 26pp but pretty sure it could be more...
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ooooh never thought of havin chicken tikka in an omelette must try that ..thanks Az well done x
Updated yesterdays diary... Hopefully can be "good" today :) x
My lunch yesterday, a yummy bagel with a fried egg and WW chili nachos on the side! 9pp :)

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I need chocolate now!!!
I love when peeps post pics of food! Bagel looks yummy Az. To be honest I don't have a clue what the pps for the alcohol would be. Wine differs in pps depending on whether it is dry or sweet etc Sorry I can't be of more help Az.


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Hi Az wine is 3pp for 125ml or 4pp for 175ml or 6pp for 250ml thats red white or rose -dry a whole bottle is 19pp cider dry or sweet is 4pp for 1/2 pint and vodka ..pub measure 25ml is 2pp ...35.5ml is 3pp .....hope this helps hun x
Thanks jem, I gave 4pp for each wine, 8pp for a pint bulmers, 2 for vodka and 4 for half a kopparberg, does that sound right to you? X

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Dessert anyone?? Nom nom nom...

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Todays food:

2 tesco healthy rashers - 1pp
2 WW sausages - 3pp
1 egg - 2pp
Toast w. Flora - 2pp + 1pp
= 9pp

Noodles - 6pp
Chicken - 2pp
Light soya sauce - 0pp
= 8pp

Mini cadbury caramel - 2pp
Multipack twirl - 5pp
Banana - 0pp
Strawberries - 0pp
Peaches - 0pp
Meringue - 1pp
6 carrs cheese melts - 3pp
= 11pp

Milk for tea - 1pp

=29pp total

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Today 3rd july:
Milk allowance - 2pp

Bagel with chicken tikka and rocket - 7pp

Was my dads birthday dinner today so we were out for a set dinner, I had pan fried chicken wings, honey cajun chicken w. Scoop mash & eton mess for dessert. Had a glass of wine aswell. I'm not sure how to point this one. I put 35 in for the moment but might not touch the rest of my weeklies this week to be safe just because I'm worried I'll put on weight otherwise.

Mini iceberger - 3pp
2 mini choc bars - 4pp
2 carrs cheesy biccies - 1pp

So all dailies gone and 23 weeklies (?) gone... Possibly more...

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Today so far 4th july:

Milk allow. - 1pp

Coffee - 0pp
4 belvita - 6pp

2 carrs cheesy biccies - 1pp
Mini cadbury - 2pp

WW chicken soup - 2pp
WW bread - 2pp

Subtotal = 14

Noodles - 8pp
Chicken - 2pp

King lite crisps - 5pp
Triple choc brownie skinny cow - 2pp
Peaches & grapes - 0pp

Total =
29/29 dailies
25/49 weeklies

Trying to drink more water today. Got through a litre so far. Also bought myself some skinny cow Ice creams in lidl... They don't seem to sell em in dunnes anymore!?

So I got lots of water into me today. I'll keep it up for the week and see if it helps the weight loss!

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They're these ice creams... They're quite tasty. The ones I got are triple choc brownie. Its like the shape of a magnum but without the hard choc shell, its choccie ice cream... Only 2pp, very yum. :) x

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