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Baby bump pictures??


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Ello lovely ladies,

Thought it might be nice if we had a baby bump piccie's topic??

I havnt got a bump yet, but cant wait for it to come, starting to wonder if it ever will mind!

but thought it might be good to compare week by week with everyone else??

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Mine is practically non existant. It hasn't changed at all sine 10 weeks!

10 weeks -

12 weeks -

19 weeks -

See lol, bigger at 10 weeks! But I am a stone lighter than I was then too, which I think has made a difference.

One day, bean will flop forward and I will have a lovely round bump.

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Oh god I'll look huge!!

This was me at 17+4
Haven't had one since, will do another next week. :)

15 Weeks:

And the week I fell pregnant!


My husband = My hero
Beautiful ladies!!

I CANT WAITTTT for my bump!!! im eating so sensibly its rediculous, just so i can try and loose a couple of pound so my bump is more noticeable and not just a fat tummy haha xxx

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Loves weight.. training!
lol at the losing a couple of lbs.. wish I could have but haven't been able to stick to anything much healthy this time around.
So. yes I look fat! lol but am more 'in front' than i was with my eldest and still sticking to the same weight gain i've had for about a month now so that's something.


My husband = My hero
That certainly is something haha so far i have put 2 stone on, and non of it is baby!!!

Hence the trying to eat really healthily as otherwise im going to be in the running for the next mitchelin man advert!! xx

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Loves weight.. training!
lol hopefully it'll settle now. I was on CD then struggled when we went away for a few days - turned out I was already pregnant just didn't know it! lol I never got back on CD and gained half a stone in that time, then another 9 lbs since finding out I'm pregnant - so am trying to stay within the 13 stone something range as long as I can! lol not sure how long it'll last but I've been saying that for about 5 weeks now..

BUT.. the important thing is, we know a great diet for after baby is born and we're finished BF etc. :)

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Loves weight.. training!
Lisa can't wait to see it! Please be brave and post it :) ((hugs))


My husband = My hero
Bloody hell! He is gorgeous!! awwww Well done hunni!! xxx

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Loves weight.. training!
Aww what a wonderful bump and what a gorgeous baby Cat!! :D You must be over the moon ((hugs)) Hope you are all getting on well. x

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Loves weight.. training!
what a lovely bump!! I love the stretchmark freeness of it!! :D
wow what a cuttie cat, and lisa marie thats a lovely neat bump ya have x
oh blimey! I have really swelled the last week or 2....and i am only half way there, I am going to look like a whale by Christmas!! Christmas is coming and its not just the goose that looks stuffed!!

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