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Babymable's Diary !!

Well I suppose I will start by telling everyone a bit more about myself. I am 28 years old and recently married. I moved from Niagara Falls Canada to Scotland 2 years ago to live with my now hubby. We met on the internet and fell for each other and been happy together ever since.

My weight gain came about when I left my job managing a pet store (running around with the dogs and other animals kept me in shape), and then started a job at a hotel sitting on my butt all day. Well the weight piled on and it's been a struggle ever since to get it off.

I get depressed a lot because of my weight, I won't leave the house because I don't think I look good in anything I own. I won't go to the gym because I am afraid what people will have to say (and seeing little tiny chicks working out at the gym doesn't help lol)

It has also caused some problems in the relationship because I have such low self esteem I sometimes wonder why my husband is with me, I get really down on myself and think he will leave me for someone smaller. I know I am stupid for thinking this way as he tells me every day he loves me for me and wouldn't change a thing about me. But when you get down on yourself and look in the mirror and see how you look it's like you bring yourself down even more by thinking these things.

I hate thinking like this and I hate being this way which is why I am more determined to lose this weight. So I decided to keep this diary as I think it will help me more.

Looking forward to all the comments and encouragement !!
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Hey Babymable, I too wonder how my husband could possibly find me attractive as I have piled on over 4st since we met 16 years ago. :cry:

I am starting back on xenical tomorrow as I lost 2 stone on it last yr but made the mistake of coming off them at xmas and piled over half back on!! :(

My husband is very supportive but must be bored rigid with all the 'diet' talk. I am flying over to ireland in November to see a friend a havent seen for about 18months and am determined to lose 2st before I go!!

It is a major struggle for many of us and I totally sympathise with everything you say but my advise is stick with it, keep a track and use this site for support.

I have eaten like a pig this weekend and am so ready to start tomorrow. I want to be fit and healthy for me and my family and stop getting upset about how overweight I am and do something about it!!!!!

We have the power to change and I know when we get to our goals it will be so worthwhile!!:D

Good luck Baby x x x
i totally understand where you are coming from baby so wanted to say you will lose this weight and get to your happy place, i am looking forward to reading about your journeyxx


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey jen! u ok?

hows your weight loss going? any news on the visa?

luv katie
Hey hun, how are you doing, how did it go with immigration office?
Requested you on fb x
Hey guys, Still no news on the Visa, I am hoping the mail strike doesn't mean it will take longer to receive.
I lost 3lbs since I was at the doctor's 2 weeks ago, Not as much as I would like but better then nothing.


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey a loss is still a loss mrs! dont get so down!!

i hope the response comes soon!! gud luck

love katie
Oh my do I ever hate these Cerazette pills the doctor put me on, I have been spot bleeding ever since I started taking them and have had a constant headache. I got a appointment tomorrow to check and see if I can possibly be fitted for the Mirena Coil. Wish me luck !!


mines a skimmed latte
i was on mycrogynon for years - perfectly happy until "new research in weight studies means you can't take it if you're over 13 and a half stone so i got put on cerezette and hated it! Gained weight, constantly bloated, no periods! i lasted 2 months before i stopped taking em. Luckily me and my hubby were planning on starting a family and we managed not to get pregnant for 9 months and well my little girl was born 4 months ago! They're thinking of fitting me with the same coil............good luck x
Well it's been a long time since I posted on my diary but thought I would update it a bit.
I'm still trying to gain the X-mas/New Year's weight that I put on as well as about 4 lbs since then. Not sure how that happened as I was doing really good. I think it may have to do with the coil I got fitted as it is 1 of the side effects. But I have been working out on the Wii Fit and I am hoping that it will help me shift some of the weight. As well I have a job interview on Monday at Asda so I am hoping that once I start working after a year off that will help me loose some weight as well.
HI BABYMABLE my name debbie im also on oristat this is my forth week ive lost 8lbs i put weight on after having a hysteretomy after having cancer ive been in remission for 3 years and doing well but i need to lose weight to be healthy i am 5ft 3 and 13 st 2 so its great to talk to people who understand many thanks debbie x
Congrats on being in remission, that's great news. I'm sure you can loose the weight, you seem like a very determined person and determination is definitely 1 thing you need when trying to loose weight.
Keep me posted on how things are going for you...
Good luck with the interview Mable!


gunna be a fatty for ever
hope the interview goes well hun1

Interview went great in my opinion but my opinion doesn't count lol. She said I will find out tomorrow if I get the job or not, so here's hoping...
The shift starts at 6am, god help me lol
Got the job, I am so happy as I know this will definitely help me in my losing weight. Also very happy because we can now pay off our debts and start looking for our own place and start our new life debt free.


Go on smile! =)
Well done! Pleased for you x

here's to the future!
Congrats on the job :D

Do you get a staff card working for Asda? I worked for tesco (ooooh the enemy!) for a while but you had to be there a year before you got the discount card and I left the day we got them (typical) :rolleyes:
:D YAY! Well done on the job!! :D

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