Back after 4 years


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Well done Sue,that's a great start. No wonder you are motivated!
Good luck.
Welcome back.


Hiya, we're in the same boat, only I lost mine 7 years ago. I've just completed my first week too and lost 7.5 lbs. You must feel great having lost 11lbs already, well done! Keep it up and you'll soon have that four stone off, this time for good !!

I know what you mean about staying motivated but reading all the different threads here is keeping me going.

I seem to get impatient in the beginning as a week in isn't much when you've got another 20 weeks to go !!! I wish I was at least half way done, I know that's a silly way to think. I have to learn to take one day at a time and I'll get there eventually !! We all will !!


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Good for u 2! I'm sitting waiting to be weighed on my first weigh in. Done a wee and in ketosis though! X


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Welcome home :)

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welcome back - my second time around too. had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 10.3 pounds - fab inspiration. well done on your loss and good luck with your journey. i will deffo be doing route to management this time around and thats where i went wrong last time. it doesm seem a long waym ahead before the end of abstinance but the losses make it easier and this forum is fab for inspiration.


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Thanks everyone! :D

Tia, I totally agree with you about being impatient in the early weeks, we just want all the weight off, like yesterday!! :cry:
I love this forum because when your willpower is getting low you can always find someone in the same boat to encourage you to keep going! :)



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Well done Sue thats a great loss for 2 weeks! Im in the same boat as you, lost 8st in 2008 and have put it all back on (except for one little pound lol) Let's nail it this time!


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Well done sue,brill!

Sexy xx