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Back again

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Hi im back :) 7 weeks on TFR lost almost 2 stones then 7 weeks (ish) off TFR and gained 7lbs not too bad bit still need to lose 2 stone ish so back again starting tomorrow. I just dont think i'll ever be free off this eat, gain, fret, Diet, lose, eat, gain, fret, stress, diet cycle i just want to be SLIM and keep it off without thinking about it. Wishfull thinking i suppose. I need help :cry :cry havent even started yet, tomorrow is my first day ;again after 6 failed attempts at second go...:-(
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Silver Member
Heya hun,

I know that feeling... All I can say is try and stay focused on your goal and how important it is to you. I am trying to focus on my holiday in 7 weeks time. This isnt my 1st re-start by any means. I find it hard to get going, then once I am started I find I hit brick walls along the way. I am trying not to think too far ahead, the thoughts of a social I have arranged for Friday is giving me the jitters but I keep putting it out of my head.

Keep talking on here, the support on here is AMAZING!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Don't want to put a downer on things but from experience (I've been maintaining for 19months now) but the worry about gaining and constant thinking about food doesnt subside. I guess it's the fear that we'll put it all back in that really inns way helps us keep it off!

Good luck with getting your last 2stone off chick :)

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Thanks girlies you both done amazing! All i can do is try but with this site, succeed i hope! X

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Awww thanks Kimby...so far so good, feeling very positive today :) i can do this x


Silver Member
so far so good, feeling very positive today :) i can do this x
Keep a positive mind set and remain 100%, it shouldn't take too long to lose 2 stones. I have been told maintaining is the hardest part. Good luck:D


Silver Member
Hey Cham, welcome back hunni.
U did it before n am sure u can fo it again. Just think of how u felt when u were bigger, is that something that u want yo live with!
Just think how good n wonderful u will feel wen u lose n that will see u through ur journey n of course, come on here for encouragement.
Good luck Hun, u can do it.

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Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Awwww thanks Dolphin and V its good to be back on here it helps sooooo much :) your right i never want to feel like that again. I just couldnt do the refeed, i screwed up and just couldnt stop myself from carb festing. Its my own fault. Ive had a banging head all day but that isnt goung to stop me. 10 weeks til my holiday so ive gotta pull my finger out and get the fat rolling off me :)

Jessie 888

one life only
Welcome back, Cham Pers. Great to have you back! 10 weeks is a brilliant length of time to lose 2 stone and refeed before your hols. Good luck, hun! :D

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Hi Jessie and thanks for the support! Cant believe how well you've done! :) youve been doing LT forever feels like :) yep im back doing it again and once this headache shifts hopefully i will feel better! Xxx

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