Back Fat !!


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I would like to know the same thing to be honest. I've got back fat at the top of my back and have the lovely overhang half way down that i'd like to get rid of but not sure the best ways to do it x


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You can't beat a good session of google'ing sometimes!

Swimming seems like it would be a good way though.


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I find when I train my back (lat pulleys/pulldowns, assisted pull ups, bend over back row, back row machine) it reduces it quite a lot. Hope that helps x


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I like that idea of a weight in your back pack. Does it make your back ache though?


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I dont think you can get rid of fat in a chosen area. I think fat chooses where it wants to go and come off.

But you can tone the back muscles by doing exercises such as rowing, Dumbell row, maybe lateral raises (although that could be shoulders mainly)