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back from hol and omg!! help!!

I am absolutely miserable but it's my own doing!
I was nearly at goal (had about half a stone to go) I was feeling fantastic and went up to scotland on holiday for a week to see my family. Everyone was amazed at how much weight I had lost. I started with atkins then lipotrim then moved onto exante. I lost 6 and a half stone.Anyways, when i was on holiday I turned into miss piggy. Once i started eating, i was off!! I got back last night and weighed myself this morning and I have put on 9lbs!!:cry:
I knew it was going to be bad as my clothes are tight around my middle, also I have a rounder face!! I now feel soooo ashamed and embarrassed as I live in a small village where my weight loss have been a talking point anytime I go to the school, pub, or just about anywhere. I know that some of this will be water due to the glycogen thing but I just feel awful!!! My hubby says its not as bad as I think but I can really see it. Has anyone put weight back on then lost it relatively quickly? I am too embarrassed to let anyone see me and I know its daft but I really feel as everyone has been talking about me, they will point and say ooohh shes putting it back on! I have restarted tfr today and intend to stick to it until I get where i need to be, then refeed the proper way!!! sorry for long moan, but no one seems to understand at home just how bad this has made me feel, especially as the last half a stone took ages to shift! xx:wave_cry:
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hi hun, don't fret too much, it will only be glycogen, if you get back on it 100% those 9lbs will soon be gone x x


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Hey, don't beat yourself up. I got to goal last summer, then went away and never got back into it. I ended up putting on 23lb before i managed to get back on track. I think you've done really well to get straight back to it and i'm sure you'll lose that 9lb in no time. All the very best, i'll be watching out for you.


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I was always told at Slimming world that if you put it on in a week you can get it off in a week. Exante is far more effective then SW so try not to stress yourself too much. Think of all the weight you have lost not the little bit thats gone back on. xxx Keep us posted. xxx


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sweetie go total for one week and it will be gone !!most of it is fluid and I bet you dont look any different to jo bloggs on the street, just think what a lovely holiday you had and put it behind you. the whole point of dieting is so we look nice and healthy for holidays and nights out and you did that, well done! now look forward to the next one xxx


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I went through exactly the same thing but it was xmas that made me gain weight. I felt exactly the same as you -because id lost four stone I was the talk of my workplace/social circle etc and I felt like everyone would notice that I had put on nearly a stone.

My embarassment and panic caused me to hide and console myself with more food!!! I was 10 stone at xmas and I reached 13 st 5lb over the past 5 months of hiding and eating.

9lbs will be mostly water and glycogen - a few days on Exante and it will be gone. Please dont make the same mistake I did and let it throw you into a panic and make you upset. Honestly - looking back I would give anything to go back to Jan and be worrying about 10lbs or so!!!

You can totally do this - a few days and you will feel fantastic!

I have finally come to terms with what I did and have been on Exante for a week now and I feel a million times better already. I still have a way to go (2.5 stone!) but its all in the mind I promise you.You have to forgive yourself and make a fresh pact with yourself.

Here if you need to vent your anger and embarrassment as I have totally been in your position...

Go for it! xxxxxx
What wonderful, warm, supportive replies!

Don't worry the weight will fall off as fast as it went on if you get back on track. I am Scottish and trust me I know how good the food is up there! When I go up I get requests for all kinds of delicious sweet and savoury Scottish treats.

These days I buy them for others and limit myself to a wee taste, if that, when I am home again. A holiday is meant to be enjoyed to the full. You had a great time! That's what it's all about. All the best with your TFR x
thankyou all sooo much

All of your lovely supportive comments have really made me feel soo much better. I think you are all lovely. I think this forum is great. I don't feel alone in all this. I will let you all know how I get on. I know I will get there and eventually be happy, I just feel so emotional. Good luck to all of you. You've all really done well. :) xxxx (the holiday was lovely)

Yes I Can!

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Aw Hun, You're not on your own - I bet most of us have done the same at some point.
You know you can get that off again in a week or two :)
Well done for getting back on track.
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The MOST important thing is DO NOT WORRY!! It will just be glycogen and water weight and it will be gone as quick as it came on. It wouldnt surprise me if it went by the end of the week (Its a bit like the first week of the diet when you lose loads of weight as its mostly fluid and glycogen stores - all you have done is replace that weight, so it will go as quick as the first time!).

You are still almost 6stone down then and still very close to you goal! Think of it that way! :)
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One more thing Sandyblack is exactly right..I did the same thing. This time last year I had come to the end of Sole Source on Cambridge having lost a total of 5stone (12stone 10lbs)..over a mad weekend I put 11lbs on!! :eek: Instead of biting the bullet and getting rid of what was then just glycogen, I became miserable again and comforted myself with food..the result..I am nearly 4stone heavier at around 16stone 4lbs (although I am changing by the day!)..cant wait for my packs to come to start. I would give anyting to be where you are now and just a stone to lose until goal! :)


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Yes, as others have said, it'll be glycogen and water. I doubt there will be much fat gain, not over such a short period.

BUT. You do want that glycogen/water. That's your body in it's natural state. Back up to 'norm'.

If you want any sort of normal healthy eating, you'll want it to be there or you will get mad fluctuations with your weigh ins every time you eating a few extra carbs. It'll do your head in.

So, if you actually want to lose more fat, and you feel a total meal replacement is right for you, go for it, but after that, gradually increase carbs to get the glycogen/water back. It is likely to show on the scales until it's all replenished, but it's not fat.

When you are on a low carb diet, you really need to think of your weigh ins as what the scales say, and then add some extra pounds for glycogen/water.

I would imagine you would lose some of this extra just going onto moderate eating. That's what usually happens after a pig out.
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jenny really dont beat yourself up! you've come back to it after 9lbs which is really good!
i'm sure people havent noticed a thing, - they are probably just jealous with how good you look now!

but what is this whole glycogen and water weight thing????

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