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Back from holiday!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi everyone, and hello to all new people.

Well here I am, back from 12 days away. All I can say is: I did my best sticking to PV and it was a challenge! the result will show tomorrow :eek: when I reacquaint myself with my scales.

I ate my oatbran every day (my 'bread' keeps over a week in the fridge as I found out!)
It was impossible to get skimmed milk so I had some semi after my imported supply ran out.
Diet yoghurts (I got fed up with just plain): either you get 0% but with sugar or you get 1.3 fat and with sweetener... and all fruit flavoured or course, so I had some anyway. 0% quark hard to find too (loads of other varieties mind!) so I had some 1.3%.

Fresh chicken: near impossible to get. The only fresh meat available was pork, and mince - not helpful. So I had lots of pickled and smoked fish as well as eggs. We had no freezer compartment so buying packs of frozen fish was not an option either, and also the supermarket tended to run out of stuff before the next delivery came in.

Now I should add that I was on this fairly small East-Frisian island off the German coast, with two tiny supermarkets that cater for self-catering guests who mainly eat out in the evening (and don't follow 'complicated' diets!).

I *did* eat about one biscuit a day, and the equivalent of half a slice of bread scaped with jam. By then end it was more, I was fed up with struggling on with my diet, and I had to do all the driving home in the last couple of days so I allowed myself some chocolate biscuits yesterday and had a croissant from the breakfast buffet on the ferry this morning. I also had scrambled egg, no doubt made with fat, and mushrooms (not fried), and a diet yoghurt - probably with sugar.

No alcohol, no ice cream, not big portions of carbs, and one small (home made) pasta dish...

Back to a few days PP tomorrow, the chicken is marinating already and the fish is defrosting... And yum vanilla 0% yoghurt.

I'll post an update tomorrow - probably ;-)
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welcome back. So did you enjoy yourself..never mind the food LOL!!!
If you have a read a couple of us have been off plan anyway!


** Chief WITCH **
Anja - I take my hat off to you. You certainly tried, against all odds, and hopefully ought to be recompensed tomorrow!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Tee hee thanks!

Yes had a lovely time and super weather - lots of sun and very little wind most of the time, perfect beach weather - the kite surfers were not happy :p but we were. The kids were paddling and fishing for crabs every day, and we built lots of sand castles too.

I'd go back right now for another fortnight instead of the long week we had. But this time *with* eating out ;) and without kids...


** Chief WITCH **
The weather's been horrid since you've been gone actually!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Thanks, I'll be happy if I've stayed nearly where I was! It was funny though how your resolve diminishes as time goes on, you allow yourself one thing today, two the next and so on.

Funny side effect - my tankini was too big and shopping for bras in Germany was a disaster. Usually they fit me very well / better so I get a few, but this time I did not buy a single one. 85(=38)A was too big....


Dukan Ancestor!!
I noticed - not one new courgette had grown in the garden and the plant ha no more flowers at the moment - I just harvested the one that had started before we left and it's nearly a marrow now...


** Chief WITCH **
are you near the Fens? (my family hails from over there originally!)
hey anju welcome home and well done on trying to stick to the diet ..

i myself arrived home on monday morning from a 2 week hol in lansarote and i found it near immpossible to get the foods i wanted and we was all inclusive too !!


Dukan Ancestor!!

just a quick update I must catch up with work today, but had to get this off my chest :):D!

The result is: today I weighed 67.1 kg that's a >1.5 kg loss since the 2nd August (2+ weeks). I checked 3 times to make sure!
I am very pleased with myself, but better be careful not to get too relaxed about it now though!

Have a good day everyone!


** Chief WITCH **
That is STUPENDOUS!! (and a lesson to us all of what CAN be done on vacation if we put our minds to it!)


Dukan Ancestor!!
Thanks! Yes I nearly fell off the scales ;-) Lots of walking & swimming/paddling in the (relatively) cold north sea will have helped...


Dukan Ancestor!!
i myself arrived home on monday morning from a 2 week hol in lansarote and i found it near immpossible to get the foods i wanted and we was all inclusive too !!
Hi Jet, yes I have no idea how I would have fared on an all-inclusive, and it looks like you're well on the way to recovery anyhow. I don't think I'd done any better than you. Even the breakfast buffet on the ferry required a considerable amount of willpower on my part! Hmm bacon, cheese, butter, rolls, pastries.
well done anju ,i think if i had gone self catering it would of been an awful lot easier but would have cost an awful lot more !!

well done again !!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Thanks Sarah, that's the scary part, what happens then... ;-) Anyway I've got lot of busy time coming up in September, I won't have time to eat! (though snacking's what I tend to do when I'm stressed!)
try and snack on protien thats wot i do and im quite happy ,and maybe a lauging cow ex light cheese or cottage cheese !!
Anja, I've been having scarey times on and off the wagon with Dukan.... I fell off and regained it all back on.... then went back on and lost it all and a bit more again....back off the wagon last week and STAYED THE SAME!! i actually maintained give or take a lb....

conso looks brighter...but at the moment I'm STS....confuddled and sleep depived...not a good combination....:D

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