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Back from holiday


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Hi everyone....how you all doing? Hope you are all fit and well.

Well I'm back from Cornwall and yes I have gained......5lbs in total. I thought I'd have gained maybe a lb or two....but 5:eek:

I ate really well. When everyone else were on apple pie and custard...I ate WW desserts. They ordered chips, I had a baked spud. They had wine with every meal...I had diet coke and the odd rum and coke. They had cream teas, I had just tea!!! I honestly behaved so am a bit upset at the gain. I walked miles...and a lot up hill! I did eat brown bread and I know that I do gain when I have bread...I think bread is off the menu from now on.

I'm back on LT/CD just to shift the few lbs, plus I'm wanting a few more. Had my first shake and am strangely excited about doing the diet again. I'm determined not to let my weight spiral out of control ever again....a few lbs here and there then onto LT or CD to shift the weight is the way I'm going to live I think.

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Shaz, you've done exactly the right thing. A nice holiday, a bit of a weight gain, but you're fixing it before it becomes a problem.
It does seem unfair to gain 5lbs when you havn't over indulged, maybe some is fluid and some is extra muscle from the hill walking?
I bet you shift it in double quick time and be back on track very soon.
Glad you had a nice holiday. xx
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Glad to hear you had a great holiday babe but, like Cathy said, it does seem unfair that you gained 5lb when you were so good. I'm sure you'll shift it soon.

Good luck.



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Thanks guys. I'm hoping after a couple of days SSing it will be gone. It may not all be fat like Cathy says I'm hoping some of it is fluid. I cannot see how it can be fat...but its not good when the scales go up. I'm in the dieting zone again now. Only 10 weeks and I'm off to Florida for three weeks...we are doing a Bahamas mini cruise and I want to look lovely and slim in my new dresses.

Thanks for the replies.x


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Good to see you and delighted to had a lovely holiday...most of your 5lb gain is probably fluid retention from travelling.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi hun, glad you had a good holiday. Agree with the others it will be mainly fluid not fat. Whatever it is you are spot on tackling it immediately. I'm praying when I'm at target I have your mindset, I really admire how hard you are working at your maintenance. With your attitude the 5lb will be history in no time x
Glad you had a good holiday and you will shift those few pounds in no time.. x
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Glad u had a great time and away and brilliant that you have such resolve to shift the few pounds you have put on and not let more creep on! Excellent - im sure you will be where u want to be in no time babe! :) xox


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hi shaz, welcome back, take afew laxatives....soon shift that 5lbs...lol..nice to have you back!!! xx.
Florida is brillant i've been there afew times...hoilday of a lifetime


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i agree, water and poo! take a laxative and drnk loads, you'll be back down in no time.

as for hols, stick to low carb/gi food to keep weight down.



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Well I'm pleased to say 3lbs has dropped off already. I knew it couldn't be fat. Just another 2 and I'm back to my pre hol weight. I'm SSing again though. I'm giving it another push. I need a nice buffer zone as it appears I put weight on just looking at food LOL.

Thanks for the comments guys.xx
Hi Shaz, well done on dropping those pesky pounds! As you can see I was born and bred in Cornwall so you can imagine how many temptations I have every day! ! ! The smells from the shops everytime I go into town is a nightmare. Glad you had a great time down in these parts, sorry about the weather though x x x


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Thanks Cathy. I'm am determined to shift the last 2lbs.

Hi Lillie, I'm only on day two and up to now its fine. I'm in the dieting zone again. 2lbs and I'm back where I finished then its onwards and downwards. How you doing hun?

Cankster....LOOKING FAB in your new Aviator picture. WELL DONE YOU!!!

Cheryl....We loved it. The weather was fab Sun/Mon and then it was hot every day and didn't rain so we cannot complain. I'm from Manchester and since I've been back its not stopped raining. I just wish I could afford to live down there. It is so beautiful, but my 3 bed house up here would probably buy me a shed down there LOL.



weighs a lot less
day 1 again for me got some cd and LT left so im gonna do a mixture (not really the best option but cant waste nearly£70)i have no idea about my weight im petrified of the scales but my clothes are getting tight and i have a slight muffin xx


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day 1 again for me got some cd and LT left so im gonna do a mixture (not really the best option but cant waste nearly£70)i have no idea about my weight im petrified of the scales but my clothes are getting tight and i have a slight muffin xx
I'm doing the same. I gave my dad a load of LT when he had his teeth out coz he wasn't eating anything and I wanted him to get some nutrients. He didn't have them all so I've got them back and I've also got about 10 CD sachets. So a mixture for me also. I'm going to get more on Wednesday. I believe CD has a porridge now which I'm excited about. That will be fab for brekky.

I hope you've not gained too much hun. At least you are doing something about it before it gets out of control. Thats what I'm determined to do. Unfortunately...dieting is going to be a lifetime thing for me :sigh:

Good luck with weigh in. xx


weighs a lot less
thanks shaz ive got about 10 days worth so will have lost all the water before first weigh ,need a new counsellor though mine quit lol i know what you mean about a lifetime of dieting,i know ive made a few mistakes food wise but i gain sooo quickly,think ive got a terrible metabolism and the years of slimming pill taking just made it worse xx

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