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back from hols goin on tfr


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hi everyone, had a great holiday relaxed read 3 books and ate!! :break_diet:
was very good for 1st 2 days but that was it ate all around me then :( :rolleyes:
and no wi since i left and wont now till fri but goin on tfr today, i feel i put on weight even by my work uniform i back in today, :mad:
have a family wedding end of oct, so really want to reach goal by then, ;)
i've loads to catch up on in work but hopefully will get a chance to read all posts i missed
so comming back on tfr thread (fingers crossed its not 2 hard for me to do it after eating all week ):wave_cry:
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You might be surprised when you get weighed I was. Your doing right thing getting back on and you'll be fine for the wedding look how quick you did it last time. I did think I dont remember being this wound up last time but it passed. Welcome back


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hi kelly thanks have my head down and feeling motivated so hopefully can get back on the train, always planned to refeed before hols and figured i would decide then wheather to do tfr to get to goal or not, made my mind up friday so will do tfr now till i get to goal, how ever long it takes and do refeed 2 weeks before wedding, think i will change my goal weight on friday too after wi, change it from 147 to 140, and allow myself that 7lb to play around with on maintence, anyway thats a while away so 1st ltr of water infront of me now cheers !!!!

u doing great nearly over half way, congrats!!!!
Welcome back :)

Great to hear you had a fab time on holiday :D

You never know, The extra may just be a bit of water which will drop off again :D

Good luck & your next weigh in



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Welcome back!, yep any you have put on will most probably be water and going back on TFR is a wise decision, it will be like a 1st week and the loss will be big, so if you are motivated you should have no probs, did you enjoy your holiday?
Holidays are so important, we spend all year looking forward to them, so when you get there you need to let your hair down. You planned well for it and now your head is in the right place to carry on and get to goal, good luck and I can't wait to hear what your first week backs weight loss will be!
Me Too.Had a break for 2 weeks.I was meant to refeed but couldn't get into it as I knew I would be going back on TFR.I wish I'd never had the break.I stayed the same the first week but doubt if wi tomorrow will be the same:(Back on track tomorrow.Can't wait.Back on the site too,feels good.
Sacred Silence,have been voting on twitter,hope he wins:)
nocolas,good luck for your wi:)


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Thanks guy's hopefully ye are right about loss this week will only have 4 full days on tfr do ye think i should change wi till monday then will have full week on (only back on tfr today)


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Yep i reckon you should should change you weigh in day it will help mentally and see if you are strong enough to survive the weekend, it will be a good test
I've changed mine used to be friday. Started back on Lt on Monday so wanted a full week before weighing just to keep it in my head right. (and so I had a bigger loss):p


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ya though i liked weighin in before weekend so it would keep me going over it :giggle:

will see how the week goes for me :rolleyes:

thanks for replies though :D
I was the same thats I had my weigh in friday and the other reason was i didn't want to start on a monday cos that is the day I always started and failed but now I'm over it cos I know this is going to work


Positivity is the key
Hi Nicolas, welcome back, hope you had a great time away, You will be fine getting back on today, no worries, just come on here and rant whenever you need to. You know that after the first week it will be like you were never off it, so give it the week and all will be well.
Welcome back hun and good luck with your first week.

Thanks for the luck, Sadly it wasn`t a good weight in :(

Also thanks for voting for Peter! Xx

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