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Back on a high froma real downer... keep going!

Hi all,

Last week was awful for me. First I had such bad constipation it was causing all sorts of havoc, then I had my sister cuasing me grief over this diet.

Then I got to the weekend - Sunday I got my 4th weigh in and was really happy as lost 3lbs (18 in total)!!!!! then was my sisters birthday party. I went over to my parents house - was fretful anyway becuase I knew i'd get some grief about the diet while I was there. I'd been in teh house 20 mins, got sharp shooting pains followed by the opposite of constipation *sorry tmi*. I got all upset and cried for about an hour. My husband stayed with me upstairs as I didn't want to go see all the guests (no-one knew about my little accident).

My sister came up for a heart to heart and begged me to come off the diet as she thinks its making me ill (i think it was a stomach bug or too much fibre as I took a sachet that morning).

Anyway, I stuck to the diet but just to get my sister off my back I picked at the buffet - well I had 4 cubes of cheese without pinapple sticks, one 5th of a quorn sausage, 6 slices of cucumber, and 2 small bites of birthday cake.

I felt ill for most of the day but it was an ok day. I'd already planned to have monday off becuase it was my sisters actual birthday and we were going shopping in London, then out for a family meal. I debated a full blow out for the day but in the end decided to go for a healthy option.

I had my CD porridge for breakfast, Lunch was lettuce, an egg, chicken, cheese, and cucumber. When I was ordering it and it was put in front of me, I got so anxious I thought I might cry becuase it seemed such a challenge to eat and I worried I'd be in pain. Anyway, I had 80% of it leaving most of the lettuce (it was a big salad) and felt OK. A bit of tummy ache at first (thought I might have more problems) but it eased in about 30 minutes. Then went for dinner - I had grilled tuna steak, green beans and a couple of roasted mushrooms. I figured that was pretty good and I was not even tempted by dessert.

I went to bed bloated and really tired. I woke up in pain but nothing too bad. I also woke up really hungry so I had a pint of water and my CD porridge. I still feel hungry but its made me realise that actually I want to stick to this diet as I'd promised myself until my holiday doing a total of 6 weeks. Then maintenance on holiday and when i return I will set a new goal.

I can see how it is so easy to get off the wagon and stay off. I was so tempted by toast this morning. But I don't feel guilty becuase it was planned and maybe that makes all the difference.

Anyway, after being on a downer and so close to quitting on Sunday, I feel really good and am motivated to keep going :jelous:

Just felt like telling you all x
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Well done... Now you've lived through that weekend you can do anything..! I'm so jealous of your willpower..! ;)


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You did so well and seem really determined to succeed on this diet.
Good for you - i took a day or so off and it led to 3 weeks and now 7lbs heavier. I regret it. But today is a new day and I'm back on plan!! Just hope I can last the day.
Keep going and you'll enjoy your holiday more then.


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Well done to you! It might be a bit hard getting back on it after tasting some food, but stick to it and it will be easy againg :)
Thank you ladies

I must say it is hard going at the moment. Roll on lunch time. I want to eat my bar and have done since 10am but I am just trying to slug the water back instead. I feel hungry but I am sure it is 20% real hunger and 80% psychological.

It doesn't help that work is really slow today so I am bored. My body is a bit achy and I can't decide if its just the walking around yesterday or if its my body reacting to burning off the additional food.

I have to admit that my mind has been wandering this morning and i am now almost worrying about the effect my day off will have on my weight loss.

I think that overall if you plan your days off in advance and prepare mentally, then it is easier to get back on the wagon. We'll see. I might be saying something completely different later on!!!

I think if I'd had some really tasty carb loaded junk or chocolate etc then it would be alot harder. Just get today over and done with and I'll be ok.
Just realised TOTM is due tomorrow :-( first one on CD. No wonder I feel like I could eat my bodyweight in anything put in front of me. Good job I have more water at the ready!


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I am sorry you are feeling anxious over your sister and eating and everything ... I am glad you made it through in one piece tho. I hope you get the next few days behind you and feeling stronger again.

despite everything you have done great so far ... 18lbs woo.... :)
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Good luck for your WI, You`ll probably be fine :)

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