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Back on board the atkins wagon


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I gave up on atkins mid june, as i wasn't getting anywhere with it and i went back to slimming world, then on to weight watchers from that.
Trouble is my cravings returned with a vengence. I've managed to not put any weight on but the cravings are making me miserable. plus i've had no energy and my skin wasn't as clear.
Luckily i keep a food diary, so i've been able to look over where i might have gone wrong first time round. also reading some of the posts on here has given me ideas.
Well i've been on plan since monday, fingers crossed that this time i can do it and i've decided that i'm not going to give up so easily this time if i don't see an immediate result. plus i'm keeping it clean and green.
Anyways, i just wanted to say hi and that it feels great to be back on atkins and in control again :D
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Hi Imso and welcome back - we've all done it, jumped around from diet to diet, then come back to Atkins :)

Look forward to hearing how you get on.


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Good luck imso! :)


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Welcome back:). Once those troublesome cravings have gone, nothing can stop you!
I tend to suspect that most people with food and weight problems are addicted to carbs, whether they realise it or not. When I personally try to include cereal or toast or higher carb vegetables or starches in my daily diet, regardess of how strictly I may count the calories, I get HUNGRY. And my old sugar and other starch/carb cravings come flooding back in no time, which leads to nibbling. Pretty soon I am out-and-out bingeing. End of diet. Re-start of deep unhappiness.

Low-carbing is the only short and long term way forward for me. This is why so many of us come back to Atkins time after time. The bliss of ketosis and the easing or disappearance of those overpowering cravings.

Welcome back, and get stuck in! Good luck x


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I too am returning to Atkins after a break. i lost a lot of weight on it before, but became almost anorexic around carbs and for a good few months wouldn't let anything carby touch my lips. Well it was hard to live permanently like that. This time round i plan to be strict whilst i am losing weight but then find a happy medium to maintain, where i eat a moderate amount of carbs but not too little to feel deprived. Anyway i need to get the weight off first before i think about maintenance! Good luck i am sure you can do it if you persevere

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