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back on SS


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Oh no Megan! Early night and a bath to take your mind off it.

My news of the day: I am trying to convince my husband to buy me a Pandora bracelet for xmas. Yes, I have started thinking about Christmas!
Funny enough when i went into ketosis second time around in July (after holiday) i had more headaches the first 2 days than the first time round in May bit odd but there ya go

I was right as rain by day 3,..so there is a silver lining :D

Think of how much weight you'll shift in 7 days ;) Keep it up x


is a naughty girl...
i have a pandora and I love it! make him get you it :D I have done half my christmas shopping already oh dear i am the sad one. hehe

I hope that i feel better by the weekend but we shall see hehe

Thanks girlies
Hi Only me, I am also getting back into SS as planning to SS til Saturday ! God Help us !

Guru, get than man told ! I love my pandora, plus it's easy for people to buy you charms for birthdays etc so you can fill it up !!!!!!!!!!
I must admit it is really hard to get back into ketosis. I have come off plan about 3 times for various reasons and each time it's harder....

But you'll be O.K, it's the body playing tricks on you.


Can hug her knees :)
good luck xx


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Good luck, the three days of torture will be worth it! ;) (Or thats how I find the first three days anyway!) lol
Oops onlyme, gremlins in the system!

Apart from a warm 'hello' - yes, it really can be tough getting back into ketosis - not fun at all.
Glad you had a nice holiday and I know that you can get back onto CD.
As Mrs. Essex says, just focus on the fab weight loss you will have in a week.
Best of luck x
i started two weeks ago and then my dad had a heart attack during surgery last week so i spent most of my time at the hospital so fell off the wagon. I started again yesterday and have drank loads of water and just had my 3 shakes feel fine and already have trace ketones. So you can do it and will do it hon, take it from me i am always the first to give in when i feel fluey and bad and this time i breezed through.

Good Luck xx
Ah jimmyshoo

Sorry to hear about your dad, mine had a stroke during surgery and I fell off Lighterlife.
This was a few years ago and my dad soon recovered.
Hope all goes well for your father x
I'm on day 2 :sigh: It wasn't this hard the first time round. I couldn't sleep last night I was so hungry.
Who'd a thought having a couple of days off (cause I had a bad cold) would do this to me!:mad: