Back on the SW waggon!!


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After some serious overeating over the holidays I am back on the SW waggon and you can almost hear my tummy go "healthy food!! Yay!!" lol! I started the holidays full of intention to be good or at least reasonably so but as soon as the rellatives turned up on the 23rd the diet went completely out the window!

I don't have my first weigh in until Monday but according to the Wii Fit I have put on 5lb - argh!! Hoping I can get that off in the next couple of weeks and at least get to eleven stone something for the holidays.

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I know exactly how you feel...but it was all so worth it.....just need to stick to it now!


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I haver been struggling too.

Going to first post xmas weigh in on Tuesday - dreading it. Im expecting a 4lb-5lb gain too...if im lucky.

I am determined (as my brain will let me be) that i am restarting on MOnday (my first day back at work).

Fingers crossed.

At least we are all in it together. :rolleyes:

Jim Jam

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I too am back on track today. Over the Christmas period, I didnt have a single sw friendly meal, let alone day! I thoroughly enjoyed myself though and am more than motivated to get back on the wagon now. Welcome back on board! :)


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Yep - I'm hearing you ladies!!!!

I have completely fallen off the wagon this Christmas! I have had two weeks off work and haven't been to weigh in for two weeks either. I think I've put on about 5lb but I am feeling motivated and getting back on track. My meeting is on Thursday, so will know for sure then!!

Come on ladies - we can do it!!!