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Back on Track weigh in result

I've restarted my weigh in thread as not sure how but managed to start it last week in Cambridge forum. :sign0007:

Just back from weigh in and have lost 3lbs this week. :):) Not sure why but this weeks class was really emotional for everyone.:tear_drop: We are on week 9 and everybody seemed to be really down tonight. We did all have a good chat after the dvd and seemed to leave feeling better but still don't really know where the emotions came from.:sigh:
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We had a bit of a weepy week around about the middle of foundation where emotions seemed to be quite close to the surface! I wonder if it was the same week?!

3lbs is great - I shout out 'textbook!' when I have a 3lb loss :)


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i remember having a weepy week too, it quite surprised me,it was very interesting though.I really look forward too my class each week we have a good group & get on really well.
Well done on your loss :)
Thanks for your replys, feeling a bit more positive today and working towards coming up with some new goals as think this might help


has started again!!
I remember finding week 9 a tricky one too. There do seem to be weeks that a re harder than others, across the board. NO idea why, but hang on in and you'll get by!

Great loss too!! Well done!
This weeks weight loss was 3lbs:clap::clap:

I started back at the gym this week so had hoped for a bigger loss but my water intake has been a bit down for the last few days still had 4 litres but I have found I do need more than that every day.

This has been my first 100% abstinent week since my holiday, really pleased to have hit my 3 stone loss. :D I think this will be enough to keep me going for the next 3 stone.
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Well done,
That is such an achievement to have an abstinent week again, you are doing brilliantly. Keep SSing.

Two great losses in a row as well. Congratulations
This weeks weigh in result was a loss of 4lbs, really struggling now my 100 days finish tomorrow but foundation class doesn't end until 25/9 so will carry on with the group until then. Am feeling a bit lost at the moment so will continue to read some of the fantastic posts on here and try and find where I am going wrong.
Not had a good day today have eaten don't know why now feel really uncomfortable. :lost: Couldn't even get my head around a thought record. I'm going to re read the green book and see what i can do different tomorrow - also will try and read some more of Mrs L's and Cerulean's posts as they are always very thought provoking and see if this helps.

I need to do something to get to where I want to be.:sigh:
This weeks weigh in result was a loss of 2lbs. I am really pleased with this as I am still not back in ketosis after my days of cheating myself with food.:sign0007: I have just delayed getting to where I want to be. I have re thought my goals and where I am going from here and have decided to complete another 4 weeks of complete abstinence and then I will go into management. I want to be well into management before christmas and if I still need to lose weight after christmas to get to my original target then I will go back to 4 packs a day for another 4 weeks. :scale: Setting these new smaller targets has helped me to feel more positive :)and this all seems more attainable than looking at the bigger picture of the total weight still to go.

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