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Back on Track

Hi everone Ive decided to keep putting up my diary as it motivates me and hopefully if anone spots any errors they might comment please! Yesterday was a good day and was easy to keep to plan because I was at home. I find it very difficult when Im eating out which is nearly every weekend. Ive found that by sticking to extra easy on them days, I can have proper dinners with meat and 2 veg as its safer than anything else on the menu.
Im so sorry that I went off plan on Sunday when I didn't lose anything last week because Im sure Im down a lb or two already. It just didn't come off on the 7th day!
Must stop weighing myself every time I go to the bathroom. Its not going to change that quick!!

Rest of yesterday:

HexB slice of wholemeal bread (45g) and a banana
Dinner was spagetti and mince made with passata, red pepper and mushrooms.

Today's diary:
B-2Weetabix (HexB) with milk (HexA) and banana.
L-Tuna, lettuce, cucumber and spring onion with mayo (2 tbsp of extra lite=about 2 syns)

I was really hungry about 5pm and wouldn't be home till after 7 so I went into a restaurant and got a ham, potato (was mashed so I will allow about 2 syns for butter), brocolli, carrot and cabbage dinner without parsley sauce. (That was very difficult cause I love any type of sauce)

Snacks-a lfyoghurt
Im using my syns for tea (4 cups about 2 syns) and planning to have a meringue nest (3.5 syns), fruit and a few squirts of cream (2 syns) soon.

Today's syns=11.5 syns
Does all this sound ok?

Tomorrow I will be in Killarney for the day so will be eating out again! Its costing me a fortune. I had better plan otherwise I will be snacking.

Hope everyones doing ok:)
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bye bye baby tummy
is the syns for your tea is that the milk in them ?

Yes Louisa. I used some of my HexA for weetabix but said I'd better syn for my tea in case I went over. I hadn't measured the 350ml but did't use much for breakfast.
Thanks for reply x


bye bye baby tummy
Ah that makes sense... always best to syn incase
I did think oo why ya syning tea lol
lol If I was supposed to syn tea, 15 syns a day wouldn't be anywhere near enough. Im trying to cut down at moment by drinking water. I gave up the cigs in January and seem to have changed my addiction to tea and food. I have come to terms with the fact that I will always have some addiction. If only it was exercise!!!
Today was very difficult sticking to plan as I was out and the menu didnt help matters.
But Im glad I have to write it down as I will be able to see the damage.

B-A lf yoghurt and a banana.

L-A BLT with mayo Syns????? (Wholemeal bread but the bacon wasn't all lean and probably full-fat mayo)

D-was in a restaurant also and I was being very good looking for healthy options. I decided an omelette and salad was my best option but when I got it included was potato salad and cheese and bacon in the omelette and of course I ate it all as I was starving. I haven't got a clue how many syns I have had.

Now Im sitting here starved and think I will just go to bed. It was a disaster of a day and off plan but there wasn't much else I could have done.

Thank goodness Im at home for the next few days and I can keep on plan. What a bad day:sigh:


Gold Member
Don't go to bed hungry, go get some free foods! Then, consider that the beginning of being back on plan. :)
A New Day!

Its amazing how some days are so easy while staying on plan can be just impossible on other days. It was 10 o' clock tonight and I realised I still had a HexB and 15 syns left. Usually I would have them before lunch and still be craving something else.

B-Just a banana because I was late

L-pasta and sauce made with mince, peppers, passata, mushrooms and peppers. (I only had this again because I wanted to use up the stuff I had in the fridge)
Pear and Mullerlite

D-Same as Lunch

Snack- 1 slice of wholemeal bread (HexB) with low-fat cheese spread (34 calories for 30g so say 2 syns)
Raspberries, blackberries, grapes, a merignue nest (3.5 syns)and very- lf natural yoghurt.

HexA-Milk for tea.

Total syns- 5.5

Hope Im eating enough superfree. I thought the veg in the sauce would be enough. I like veg but find it very difficult to eat salad every day.

I wish every day was as easy as today. It didn't even seem like being on a diet. I just made my choices as if it was the natural thing to do. Maybe Im getting used to eating healthy food!! Well its easy at home anyway!!

Goodnight xx


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Thanks RS. :) On a good day (bottom of target) it's 5stone loss, which sounds so much more amazing, though most days it's 4st 10. LOL. :)

Glad you're back on track. :) It's good when we can take control and eat the yummy healthy stuff. :D
Hi everone a good day again on plan. Its such a beautiful day, its that bit easier not to be comfort eating. Im so motivated reading everybody's journey and that its a plan for life and can't be done in a few weeks. I have no patience, I want to see losses every time I stand on the scales. Another EE day:

Breakfast- 2 weetabix (HexB), a banana and milk from allowance (HexA)

Lunch- 2 jacket potatoes (average size), 2 laughing cow triangles (extra light-1 syn), salad,ham and salad cream (2 syns)

Dinner-SW chips, 3 rashers of bacon, beans, mushrooms, tomato and egg

Snacks- skinny cow lolly (4 syns), fruit salad, meringue nest (3.5 syns) and mullerlite yoghurt

OOPS, Ive just realised that Im on an EE day and forgot the milk I used in my cereal and all the cups of tea Ive had today so Ive used up the full 15 syns if not over!! I think I will have to go back on green/red tomorrow to have the extra Hex's. Only problem is I didn't have any loss on the green plan last week. Not sure the carbs suit me. Everything in moderation I suppose! Have a lovely weekend everyone x


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