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Back to it ....

Im ok babes ... I fell off the wagon - no idea why as I was very happy and satisfied doing the diet! Anyway Im back on it in the morning with all guns blazing!

I just posted 10 reasons people fall off the wagon love. Go Read.
lol have done and I have to say number 9 is the perfect reason for me. I was losing weight, feeling great and bang!!! one meal won't hurt but that leads to one day won't hurt and so on and so on! Its now been a whole week that Ive been off the diet and I luckily haven't gained anything but Im so bloated and sluggish!

good jools, get yourself back on and drink your water love. :)

I'm off to town now, it's so sunny and nice for a change.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Jools we all have weak moments, glad you're back with us :) xxxx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey jools , welcome back to the fruinn nut house :0)

woo hoo its another jims angel !!!!!:D
dont worry bout youre lapse hunnie m its by having them that we learn how to cope with them x youve come back within days thats impressive , give yourself cudos for that xxx
no I haven't heard from the other Jules, hope she is ok.

Ive been a naughty girl for god knows how long now :whoopass: and thankfully haven't gained anything. I HAVE TO GET BACK INTO IT! but am lacking the motivation needed! I'm driving myself crazy as I really want to lose the weight but have lost my willpower along the way!

Well you did ask how I was ....



Alway see the love x
WOW I put on 5.5 pounds after having a chinese and u have put on nothing!!!! woop! woop!


Back to the plan, young lady!! U want it? U have to do it!!
(Oh I sounded all teacher like then lol)

Woofy X
Have missed ur postes so come back full time and keep going, dont stop. Summer is just around the bend, babes. I so DO NOT want another plump summer!!!! I WANT a slim sexy Woofy summer!!!

Together, we can do this!! ... ( will miss out the group hug, dont want to come across to excited lol)
lol ... I know what you are saying hun .. I do really want to be healthier not just slimmer and I know there is only me who can make that happen too!

What is this Neris cookbook you get your recipes out of? Am on Ebay!



Alway see the love x
Such a witty book. Brought it on line and they also have a web site www.pig2twig.co.uk

The book is a must as well as the cook book. Very Atkins with a fun twist. U should of seen what I munched on last nite lol massive take out curry, lush

Woofy X