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Back with a plan and new found determination :D


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
And very pleased to be too! I was following Exante and doing quite well, then lost my way a little and then had a long weekend away, birthdays, holiday (one week in Greece, twas amazing) and now all of that is done and gone and i finally feel i can commit to this for the final part of my weight loss journey.

The ultimate goal:
I have 4st and 2lbs to lose to take me from a starting weight in 2009 of 21st 4lbs to my goal of 11st (As of this mornings weigh in I'm currently 15st 2lbs).

My plan:
This week: Shakes and small amount of protein and salad
Saturday: my one year anniversary with my fella so gonna have a meal but this is an acceptable bump for me and will take the consequences at weigh in if needed, it's a situation i will need to deal with and i'm not gonna stress over it whatever i decide on the night.
Sunday/Monday onwards: 100% TS with maybe the odd day of the small meal or extra shake if i need it especially on gym days.

Mon 3rd Oct: Join the gym at work to help with toning and general fitness and the fact i have to walk past 2 doors to it before i get to my car in the evenings lol! no excuse that i can't be bothered or that's it's too far out of the way like my old one!

Mini goals:

Goal 1: lose 16lbs by 17th October taking me down to 14st.

Goal 2: lose 14lbs by 14th November (13st)

Goal 3: lose 14lbs by 14th December - My Birthday :D (12st)

Goal 4: final 14lbs and be maintaining by 14th February (11st)

I think these are reasonable. I've given my self a little long on the last stone due to Christmas, the fact those last pounds are notoriously hard to shift and also because i want to have maintained it for a while before i can count this as achieveing my goal. gives me a little time to work out what my body needs and how much when i'm back on normal food (which i'm guessing can take a little trial and error). I've got my shiny new weight watchers scales that i used this morning and will continue to use from here on in and have my iPhone app to track my weight with a little graph and bmi tracker so i can visually see my progress which is always encouraging. may even go nuts and do my measurements tonight! lol!

So, that's my plan. That's my prep work. Those are my goals. And this is me being damn determined but still needing support lol!

I'll post my losses each week.

Here we go...
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Good luck!!! I looooovvvvvee the gym now! It's hard at first but I've got to the stage that I feel awful now if I don't go for a day lol you can do this and we are all here if you need us!


Been liberated by Exante!
WELL DONE - Fail to plan, plan to fail they say.

The last stone does take longer - (from my experience) but what you are planning looks reasonable and achievable - so great, welcome back. Good luck.


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Thanks peeps! So far, so good. Keeping my mind off it by keeping busy with house work or actual work or drinking tea or finding addictive games on my iphone to play lol! ust lots of distraction s really but feeling good! Gonna have my weigh in on saturday morning this week due to the meal out for my anniversary and then leave it til the following monday before my next so i can hopefully undo anything adverse effects without it hitting my determination and also means i have to be good the rest of the time!

Lots of water and tea which means me off to the little girls room far to frequently for my liking! lol! And my fella is being amazing with support which is always great! Lets get through the rest of today and tomorrow and then bring on the ketosis! :D

Hope everyones doing well! xx
Good luck hun :)


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
ok, so had my amazing meal with my amazing boyfriend on Saturday and straight back to the shakes. Weighed myself this morning and still have a 6lb loss for the week! :) very happy with this! only 10lbs to my first goal.


Goal 1: lose 16lbs by 17th October (14st) - 10lbs to go!

Goal 2: lose 14lbs by 14th November (13st)

Goal 3: lose 14lbs by 14th December - My Birthday :D (12st)

Goal 4: final 14lbs and be maintaining by 14th February (11st)

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