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Back with you all for a few weeks!

Hi! How is everyone? Good to see some familiar faces still here (well done to you all...been having a peek at diaries etc)

Ive been low-carbing for a while (not really with the intention of losing a lot of weight...more to ease myself back into a VLCD) For the last few days ive been doing Exante WS and have now established Ketosis so from tomorrow i will be doing TS. Only doing short term goals as struggle a lot with coming to terms with knowing i have a lot to lose and it will take a while....so for now i will be doing TS until the week of xmas. I will then order more supplies and decide closer to the time wether i will continue TS or go WS. I think ive made mistakes before....the usual "last feast" before starting exante...and its hindered me greatly. With a good few weeks low carbing and almost a week on WS i think i'll get on much better when i go TS tomorrow!

Anyway im babbling on a bit (some things never change lol) so i wil leave it there. Its good to be back and cant wait to share the next few weeks, months etc with you all! xx
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Welcome back babystar31:welcome2:

Missed you about the place.

Well done on getting back on the wagon, you have a good plan worked out for yourself.

I would expect the transition to TS should go smoothly.
Hi Babystar :) Nice to have you back, sounds like a good plan you have devised. best of luck with the losses :D

S x
Hi Babystar! I've been AWOL too, but I'm back on Day 2 of TS and feeling really positive. The only problem I've found is that I need to get to bed by 9pm so my mind doesn't start wandering to the kitchen, and that means I'm missing I'm a Celebrity! The sacrifice! ;)
All the best to you xx
Thanks everyone!

Yeah i know what u mean....im ready to hide in bed til morning but dont want to miss all the soaps ive recorded so gonna stay up and torture myself by watching australian masterchef haha! Positive thinking though!

I made a home-made "slush" today using strawberry and kiwi flavoured water. It looks ace so gonna sit with that and try to make it last forever lol xx
Great to have you back. Good luck. :)
Thanks hun! Your doing fab!! Well done :)

Well....ive lasted a full day TS lol. Not even in bed early, god its nearly 1pm and ive been fine!! Had 3 shakes today (i dont have the soups or bars) and a home-made flavoured water slush...yum. Think these may save me from the dark moments. Had it tonight whilst watching tv, made it last ages....and not once did i think about food. So yeah maybe not really meant to have flavoured water but strawberry and kiwi is meant to be ok...so gonna stick with it for my little nightly "treat" hehe
Hi! Well had a TERRIBLE few days. Not particularly food wise. My wee gran got ambulanced into hospital on wed morning. Shs now on a type of ventilation as she has severe pneumonia and her blood gases are way too low. Not good news really....so been with her a lot, and abandoned the diet. In saying that ive hardly ate or drank a thing which is even worse....but ive decided today that now shes settled im gonna restart with the shakes today. Suppose we all have knocks like this when some things just take over in importance.

Just had my first shake though, and have popped one in the freezer for a bit of ice cream later lol and have changed my weigh in day to a friday (which is more suitable anyway) I was actually planning to not weigh at all until the week of xmas....but i know i have no will power in the scale department, so will be weighing today to get a start weight, and again every friday) xx. xx

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