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After deciding that I wouldn't come back to CD after my hols, I've changed my mind :eek:

So, here I am! Back after about 3 weeks off, eating lots in USA and over a stone heavier.

Day one - so much fun :mad: Forgotten how much my tummy rumbles. Roll on day 4 I say. Had a bath, drank gallons and off to bed in a minute.

Does feel kind of nice to be back in the safety of Cambridge though :)
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Good luck babe x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi Liz, I'm back today too :). I've also put a stone on so got 2 stone to lose to goal. Put a date of 24th December to get there. Good luck x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hello Blingbabe, thanks, I think I am going to need it :)
Thanks everyone :)
Hey Mia - nice to see you back!!! It's been about 3 weeks away for me, but feels like a lifetime. Am glad to be back.

Shelley - you must be a dibber!!!
Hi Charlotte! Great thanks :) Bl**dy hell, look at you, you're doing well!!!
Sounds like a fab hol, glad to see you posting again, you gave me loads of support when I first started x
Sounds like a fab hol, glad to see you posting again, you gave me loads of support when I first started x
Aww, well you were with me all the way on the different challenges, so you've helped me just as much :D x
Ah it was you Watergirl that was slating my favourite feeding trough!;) I'll forgive you though as you look so fab in your Florida piccies!;)

Aww thank you :)
Hope it wasn't you who was mean to me!!! Still don't know who that was, as their post was deleted before I saw it.

Charleys...that fateful night. I liked my meal! I would kill for it about now, but oh well :D
I know the post you're talking about and it was out of order of them (probably better you didn't see it).
I was the one who asked why the thread had been changed so much (My name on there is Piratekelly) as it wasn't just that one post that was deleted, they went a bit crazy with the delete button I think and took about half a dozen out when I don't think they needed too, all they were saying is how much they liked it, so just giving a different opinion to yourself which is to be expected.
I love Charleys personally I turn into a complete piggy when I go in there (huge meat eater!:D) but each to their own.
Just out of curiousity what was your favorite meal you had over there, I'm always after recommendations?
Thanks for the info :)

Bahama Breeze without a doubt - was amazing. I had a fish dish, with rice and green beans. It was cooked perfectly. OMG mouth watering.

Olive Garden was lovely and so was Cheesecake Factory. Oh, and Logans. Lots actually :)

Wish I was still there :( Glad I know who you are! I can say hi on there now!
Thanks Liz. You look amazing!! You and your other half look so happy. Glad you had a good holiday x x

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