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bad bad bad


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awww such a bad bad week :sigh:

started off badly then got back to it friday and then got some bad news that my stepdads mum had died, she was diagnosed with cancer on wed and died on friday so heads been all over the show! really wanted my 2lb off for my half stone on wed but now i have put at least 3 or 4lb..:mad: funeral is 2mro and my head is just now in it at all at the min so think il will wait until thurs to get back on track as by that stage things should be kinda back to normal.. im soooo annoyed at what iv gained, i no i def have.. shud i go to class on wed anyway? what wud u do? diets arent good when things like this happen..
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Sorry to hear about your loss.

I'd go to weigh in so you can draw a line under it, maybe some new ideas at class if you stay too. I know I have put on weight due to having a weekend away but im sticking to class no matter what, if I don't go this week I know I'll fall off the wagon!!!

Draw a line and carry on with the plan, we are all human and there's some tasty food out there!! Be a bit boring if we stuck to it 100% all the time, so dont beat yourself up about it xx
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I'm really sorry your step-dads mum has passed away so suddenly, I'm sure it was a shock for all the family.

However, I don't understand why this means you can't follow SW. It sounds to me like you've already talked yourself into going off plan just because.............

Instead what you could say to yourself is you've had some bad news & you will do your best to stay within SW friendly foods as much as possible.

Yes still go to class on Wednesday that way you are staying in control and will know for sure how much, if anything, you have gained.


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S: 14st4.5lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st9lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.74%)
well my heads not exactly in it as the min its hard to be prepared when things like this happen as last thing i can do at min is think about myself when im rallyin around people to make sure they r ok etc the last thing on my mind is food shoppin
You've had a shock too, you know, although you are probably so busy looking after everyone else at the moment that it hasn't fully registered. Just be gentle on yourself, go to class, tell your consultant and the others what has happened, and take it from there.....


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Honey - please cut yourself some slack. You've had a tough couple of days, and had some really sad news. Don't be too hard on yourself x
I think the last thing on anyone in your positions mind would be eating healthily, sometimes its hard enough to eat anything at all! Give yourself a break. Things will settle down again and you can pick things up again when you feel more able. If you can stick to plan while all this is going on, then great, if not, then DONT give yourself a hard time about it. Its a big shock for everyone and it will take time to get back to normal. *Hugs*


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I'm sorry too that such a thing should happen. Your whole family must be shaken to the core.

As far as SW goes, like previously suggested it sounds like a good idea to go to the group and let the consultant know what has happened - if you can face it that is. It could help you stay on track and if you have gained you will at least know exactly what you are dealing with. It might not be as bad as you expect.

Sticking to plan might be difficult but try to hang on to the idea that mindlessly cramming food in because you are upset is not a good thing to do. It won't help with the aftermath to have lots of extra weight to have to deal with.

If your weight loss plans do go totally out of the window, then so be it,you can resume when you feel up to it but it would be a shame to gain a lot now.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

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