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Bad Belly

Need advice here boys and girls
about to start week four of TS and for some reason I have started about an hour ago to have a very bad belly ( no need to go into details) I am sure you know what I mean.
I have been drinking soda water in work and fizzy water at home, but all other stuff the same apart from i have started to eat one meal bar a day but still two shakes

Any advice would be welcome :confused:
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I had this problem at about the same point you are at... There was some dodgy shakes at the time so I put it down to that but somebody suggested it could be the vitamins causing it. So now I use loads of water to make the shakes and drink more after I've had them and it did calm down eventually but was no fun while it lasted :( hope you feel better soon


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Oh... Meant to say the shakes were a bad batch too much sweetner or something and they have resolved the problem and even accepted returns....
ill end them an email later and thank you for the advice
could it be the bars or just the shakes
Have you tried taking a fiber supplement like fibersure or fybogel or physllum husks? When did you start eating the bars? It could be that if you have been completely 100% TS so far that your system isn't used to processing solid food and will take a little while to settle back down to normal. Hope you feel better soon.
FF :eek:
Thank you FakeFrowns
I will pop into H&B today to get some phylum husks. Used to take that every day a while back but stopped. Not sure if to get powder of pill form

Do we mix it with shakes or a wee while after a shake or bar

Did jut over two weeks on shakes only then started two shakes and one bar a day

still on TS for another week then i have to do food week

Belly seems ok today , I was thinking it may have been too much soda water in work , get it free front he bar in the theatre i work in

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