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Bad breath

Breath spray, carrying a toothbrush everywhere with you...

...but best of all, drink more. Drinking helps SO MUCH.
I found it helps for about 30 seconds then i'm back to square one. I'd end up drinking about 10 litres of water lol
the bad breath dont go away :(
only thing i found is to brush your teeth. brushing your teeth can also take away food cravings.
at the end of this diet your teeth will be whiter than white :D
or worn away lol
I find that drinking lots helps me too. Plus, for me anyway, it seems to have gotten better with time (either that or I'm just used to it and giving people the boke when I talk to them - yikes!).

Might need to give breath spray a try after all lol...


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I get a horrible taste in my mouth which prob smells but its difficult to smell it yourself ha ha!! i will have exceptionally clean teeth by the time i finish this diet and my mouth spray is with me constantly couldnt leave the house without my spray or my toothbrush!!!


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Does anybody find that the bad breath comes & goes? it does with me, somedays its just horrid, and then its gone for a few days then comes back. Not sure why this is?
can we suck on sugarfree mints? dreading talking to patients with such horrendous breath lol
Listerine strips it is then.. work colleagues will be wondering what my obsession with them is all about, luckily they know the diet i am doing and some of the girls have done it so they will know its the diet... or i am going to put a sign up saying my BEWARE diet gives me smelly breath ha ha

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