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bad day yesterday :(

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Well i was totoally off plan yesterday, it was the 6 year anniversary of my dad's death and i couldnt be bothered food optimising yesterday - full stop. My mind was elsewhere and i didnt feel being on plan was a priority so i suppose i had a bit of a blowout without conciously doing so.

I had bacon and egg on nimble white for breakfast. Then a starbucks blended caramel light. Went out for lunch to Slattery and had a Lamb and salad sandwich on a white baguette with minted mayo followed by a slice of carrot cake. Dinner was king prawn szechwan and boiled rice from the takeaway followed by a cream filled choc chip muffin (again from Slattery!). I polished off 2 slices of domino's pizza at about 8pm as there was some going spare, i wasn't even hungry but thought ''F**K it, ive already blown it big time for today and im not actually bothered''

There was no way i was cooking yesterday and i only had the 'good' breakfast because my OH made it for me in the morning as i was a bit too upset to get out of bed first thing.

Anyway, i had a horrific stomach ache last night and didnt get to sleep until about 2:30am so i feel dead on my feet today. I feel so ill, i had to have something called Motillium to help take the pain away from feeling so full and icky. Its made me realise that eating all that crap gave me the stomach ache and that i simply cannot fuel myself with these types of food.

So - i'm back on plan (sort of) for today with the exception of lunch because i felt that ill and tired i forgot to pick up my salad out of the fridge. I've had to buy a sandwich from the canteen in work (i work miles away from anywhere and dont have a car) so the only thing i could get was tuna & sweetcorn salad on a brown roll. Apart from that i have got fruit and yogurt and ive had a breakfast on plan and my evening meal will me on plan as well.

Onwards and downwards for this week now - fingers crossed.
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Im sorry you had such a horrible day, when your emotions are everywhere the last thing you want to do is focus on food. Good for you for getting back on track today :)
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Ditto what others have said. Well done for getting back on track. We all have days like this where life overwhelms SW and sticking to plan. The important thing is that you are back on track today.


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I agree with what the others have said Hun. Yesterday was such an emotional day, I think I would have done the same given the circumstances (hugs to you).
It was yesterday, so dont panic...just stick to plan for the rest of the week.


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Hey Clare,
don't be too upset and just enjoy the food you ate without guilt. Yesterday was a special circumstance day.

Don't knock yourself, just get back on your diet track today, you've done so brilliantly so far and look amazing.

Big hugs


Nojo on the YoYo
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Big big huge hugs. Whenever my mum's anniversaru comes up, I go off the beaten path too.

PS: You just wanted to torture me with showing off you can buy white nimble and I can't, right? :p

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Hugs to you, days like this are an awefully emotional time and you realise this. Over time, I'm sure that you will cope with your grief in a different way to eating but right now its not a proplem you need to beat yourself up about. You can get back on track easy enough and your journey will continue. My thoughts are with you. xxx


Trying again!!!
((((hugs)))) hun, I was exactly the same a few months ago when it was my dad's 2nd anniversary ~ I just ate for comfort.

You have done brilliantly so far and are sounding focused today so well done you ~ take care xx


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Everyone has a day like this, just don't worry about it and get back to plan when you can. Nothing worse then blowing a whole week when you could have just blown one day.

Take care and try and have some you time.
Cobweb xx

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