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Bad day

After a successful weigh in, I just blew it. Been having problems with my eldest daughter and as usual, the first thing I do is eat. I am an emotional eater and I wish I had sat down and thought about it or at the very least, ate something free... but I didn't want to.

It wasn't the worst thing is the world but it is my type of comfort food. A cheese sandwich with butter and white bread! Just checked syns and it is 10syns for both slices of bread put together, 5 for the tbsp of butter I used and I'm not sure on the cheese. It was a regular sandwich serving. I also had a bag of french fries which are 4 syns.

I had already had 2 triangles of dairylea light that i intended to syn because I'm having a EE day and I had already started my HEXa with milk for my daily coffees.

Had a bad few weeks and have been scraping by in weigh ins... having complete blow outs over the weekend and spend the rest of the week, excluding syns from my days which is hard, then hoping I don't gain.

Want to rectify this sooner rather than later and still carry on my day with an EE evening meal. (or could be a green day one if I omit the meat and then the cheese triangles can be classed as my second HEXa) This way, I don't have to "borrow" too many syns from the week ahead.

Not much more I can do and now I am rambling... sorry about that. Just wanted to confess and get it out in the open so I can carry on with a successful week.
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Well done to both of you for admitting to yourselves (far more important than to us) that you have over done things a little.
No harm in that, as long as you draw a line and continue being good.
We all fall down sometimes. We wouldn't be human otherwise. The important part is to get up, brush down and continue marching on.
Good luck!
You can turn this around though... you're in control. Syn it and make adjustments for the rest of the week. I'm an emotional eater too, it's difficult to overcome. Draw a line under it and you'll be able to pull it back, I'm sure.
Thank you for all your responses! I feel much better since posting and am preparing to start my dinner and *forget* that episode ever happened and have a syn free night :) If I nip it in the bud now, I won't have to deprive myself too much over the coming week.
I can relate to the daughter problem, we had lots of problems with our daughter at school. At home she was fine, just school, the headmaster used to ring me on a regular basis to tell me what she had done:eek: I used to have two (no more on a school night) glasses of wine each night to help me relax.

Things are much easier now she has left school. I know it doesn't help right now but she will improve. I don't know how old she is but if it's hormonal think back to how you were, I know I wasn't very nice to my mum.
Hi Michelle, Kayla is 6 and doing things at home that she shouldn't be. It has really hit me hard! Just had a good diet day and am determined to not use any of todays syns because I will need to borrow them for yesterdays episode! Got myself a syn free snack for tonight and then I can treat myself tomorrow then :)
i have an 11 year old who thinks shes 16 shes an absolute nightmare at home and every day on the way to school she picks fights with her younger brother she definately has middle child syndrome. Yet shes an angel at school her school reports are constantly praising her for being helpfull, hard worker and looks after other children is a register and dinner monitor etc etc lol. I think she gets her stubborn genes from me unfortunatly !! im having a much needed drink of vodka tonight when they go to bed
well I did have about 6 syns yesterday in the end but I think my episode will even out over the week. I have been worse on previous weeks and still lost 0.5lb so all I can do is hope that no damage was done.


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OP, Sorry to hear about your stress! Reading this makes me want to jump on the confession bandwagon and admit to eating about 20 syns worth of cheese plus most of a bag of prawn crackers last Thursday when I came home from work and was stressed. I hadn't been able to get my husband or my teenage daughter on their mobiles to tell them to get something for tea as I would be home late. I was livid when I got home and proceeded to eat the aforementioned bad things whilst cooking a 'healthy meal' at 6:30 (far too late for my younger children who go to bed at 7). I didn't calm down until mid-evening by which time the damage was done!!!!

I'm not normally an emotional eater (just a blooming greeeeedy one). However, I had a chat with myself and told myself that I wouldn't let this be the start of the slippery slope and got straight back into the SW mentality the next day...

Sorry to hijack your thread, but it inspired me to share my frustrations as well xxxx
I have 34 9-11 year olds every day. 6 with SEN statements, and another few with a 'history' of behaviour problems.

I often partake in an alcoholic beverage on returning to my cave!
Hi Hayley

Hope you're feeling back on track today! As people have said it happens to us all and we very often turn back to emotional eating, but like you say if its nipped in the bud you'll be back on track in no time. For what its worth I dont think you went way overboard! Just a thought though, could you have called your day green instead (not sure what else you had that day) and then you'd have another HA for the triangles and HB for the cheese. All the best, you can do it ! x
Hi there, I did go green in the end because I only had mushrooms in my tomato pasta! I was going to have bacon. I am a sucker for cheese sandwiches and almost had another tonight...... you can keep your chocolate, bring on the chedder haha x

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