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Bad Day

Sorry for such a negative post, but this diet is starting to really get me down!! I just cant help feeling so deprived, this week ive been considering quitting and moving to ww. I have decided I am going to move up to 790 this week so I can see the losses wen the 790 is followed properly but I just feel after 9 weeks its only getting harder!!!

Any words of Wisdom?

Anna xxx:sigh:
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I havent eaten anything bad today I am just genreally in a bad mood and hating my life at the mo!!!
Been taking it out on ppl and its all cos of food
ooh right, whenever im like that, i see it as a means to an end, cant be all good, but i know the day after ive come off the diet too early, will feel 10 times worse than how i feel on a bad moment, so ride it out best i can


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just thought u needed a couple of these anna. we always knew this was gonna be a difficult time, and u just need to keep ur head up and try and stay positive!! u have done so well, u just reached ur halfway point and u were an inspiration to me last friday, u were the only thing that kept me going!! u look fantastic in ur new clothes, which u just bought and they are already too big for you!!! its days like this that really test us and if you can come through this you can do anything!!
Ok Guys thats just wot I needed to hear, THanks Delli I never realised I was an inspiration!!
I have also just tried on my size 16's and I am sitting in my jeans althou there is a slight roll over the top!!! But it is a great motivation!!
I have just had a 790 meal but tomorrow I am going to stick to SS and get into excercise too!!!!

Thanks girls!!


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pet, u only think ur having a bad day! ive got a leak in the mens urinals which is pouring out a gap in the wall into the ladies toilets. tryin to stem the flow of urine and keep the floor dry and clean without making the floor so wet the customers fall and break their necks. THANK THE LORD FOR RUBBER GLOVES!!!
u glugged much :tear_drop::tear_drop: today?
Your day sounds so much worse than mine!! Work has been boring too and I only have 6 working days left at work b4 uni starts so think i might just be wanting to get out of there!!!
Yeh have had 4 litres of water. Have to stop drinking at about 6 tho cos otherwise am up all night!!!
Hi Anna

Sorry to hear your having a bad time at the moment. I also went through a phase of this when I was ssing, but please believe me it will pass. I promise:) You have reached your half way mark in just 8 weeks, which is an incredible acheivement. Only a few more weeks and you'll be moving up the plans. The end is in sight:D If you can't continue that is your choice and moving up to 790 plan is a good move, but try and give it at least til next weigh in and think about how great it feels when you step on the scales and have a great loss.

I know you'll be fine. I used to get like this and then make myself look in the mirror, I'd stand there completely naked and inspect every ripple and bulge, it helped to stop those cravings;)

Take care

Hi Bo_lady,

Glad your feeling better now. Hope tomorrow goes smooth for you.

You are definitely an inspiration to everyone. You have done fantastic so far. If I lose as much as you have in the first 8 weeks, i'll be ecstatic.

And thanks to your tips on the mousse thread, I enjoyed a lump free choc mousse for dinner. :)

Take care.

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