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bad day


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Gosh, no-one could surely be disappointed with your progress so far...... aren't they very supportive? You should be really pleased with yourself but you are only human you know! No one's 100% perfect 100% of the time........... you're struggling so it's support you need and that's what you'll find here cos we've all been there:) Keep posting, drink lots of water, try anything to distract yourself until you reach an easier zone............ sort out your wardrobe, browse the diaries for inspiration, paint your nails, have a bath, reading, crafts, exercise dvd, go for a walk.... anything that doesn't involve f**d......... good luck, you can do it :D
Thanks. It's just good to share it with people who are on it too. My family are very supportive just think its me not wanting to let them down. They don't really understand either, they don't have the problems with food that I have.
Going to get through today and tomorrow will be easier. Drinking a big glass of water as I write this!
Thanks so much for encouragement x


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It's so hard, I had a bad day yesterday too.
I understand about not letting your family down. Regardless of your family in real life you have your Exante family in minis and we are all here for support.

Stick at the water - I am hoping that you get through the evening and tomorrow you feel better for it.

I am so where you are on your posts today and yesterday! I have just started week 4 and had a serious wobble yesterday i ate some ham!!!:cry:
I don't feel so good this week either...sore throat and had the aches yesterday..I have felt really good and positive until yesterday..i could kick myself. I am doing TS but seriously considering WS.. it's AAM for me next week but i don't know what to do!! :sigh:



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Don't beat yourself up. You are only human. Sometimes you need a "Wobblie" to keep you sane!!!

Lottagirl - ham isn't a serious wobble. It's one of the better things you can have if you feel the need. Now the pizza I had on Saturday was a series wobble haha


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A serious wobble is when I'm on the power plates at the gym haha :D

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