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Bad knees!

Hello everyone,

I have bad knees, my dr said it's due to my inner thigh muscles not being strong enough, so he suggested I swim a few times a week, which is what my dietition suggested aswell to help me lose weight but I'm a full time carer for my husband, so I can't always just leave him and go off and don't have alot of money to spare to go that often! I have got an options card to get in half price but that's still nearly £10 a week! I have fitness dvd's but obviously my knees become painful, so I have to stop, is there anything at home I can do to help me shed weight without putting so much pressure on my knees!! :confused:
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I'm sorry to hear of your situation, is there no one (family friend or relative) you could ask to sit with him during the day for an hour or so so that you could pop to the pool?
What about SS could you apply for a sitter (I don't know if they do that! I know my SIL is a home help and pops in to her people in her care and does stuff!).
I'm sure there must be a dvd out there for people with bad knees etc, I have them myself but I'm not in the same boat as you. But I do know the pain associated with bad knees and exercise.
I hope you manage to get some help so you can get to the pool.
Good luck anyway
Thanks for the reply! :) My husband's parents live round the corner, so he goes there sometimes and he has a couple of friends that come over, so I usually pop to the pool then but then I also feel guilty, that I'm being paid to care for him but I just go off! lol I know I need to look after my health, so I can look after his :) I think I have to look at my finances and see if I can set aside some money for the pool too! :)
I just wish I could just be more active in my home :S


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Hey do not EVER feel guilty! It's not like you're off having a manicure or a massage. You're doing something that will make you healthier and that will benefit both of you!
My mum was a carer to my dad and never took any time to herself until she had to as she herself became ill!
Then she would use the respite system to giver herself a few days break. She would go on a coach trip somewhere knowing he was taken good care of! Gave him a break from her too (think he was glad lol)
You will both benefit from it so don't feel guilty, and btter you get healthier than make yourself ill worrying. Everybody including your husband would will understand ~ it's only an hour or so couple of times a week!
I'm sure somebody can come up with a dvd that would be suitable!
Good luck


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Hi Amythystwitch - loving the name :)
Firstly, never feel guilty about leaving for a short time when others are around, you could both do with a little break from each other at times.

You could do upper body strength exercises, try find something in a cupboard that has a bit of weight and you can grip safely

Arm curls - from straight down curl weight up to chest
shoulder press - weight resting on shoulder straight up - sitting on the floor with legs in a V uses your abs more too :)
Crunches - I am not a fan of traditional crunches, but doing some crunching to knees, then each side crunching to the left and right a bit
lat raises (i think thats the name) - lie on floor, arm out to the side arc up to centre, can do the same with arm bent, elbow on floor and push upwards

if these types of exercises sound like something you would like to do, i will find you more
I would recommend just using a weight in one hand, as being off balance works your abs more than having equal weight on both sides
Please try and find the time and money to get some swimming in as this will help give your lower body some exercise

Remember 60-70% of weight loss is down to diet, so try and stick with it
I agree with the others about taking a break and having some you time.

I cared for my mother in law for sonetime and some days I just had to go out for half an hour - to breath and be me.

Do say yes to any support that is offered.

If you google Dr Miriam Nelson she has an exercise regime that can be done seated. I will find you a link when I'm on my PC not phone.

I did it last year with hand weights, as I have a long medical history and it was recommended at the time. By my physio. I'm happy to report I'm fit and well now.
(lean & trim too)

Dr Nelson did some scientific research into strength training for women's health. Her website and book are very interesting.

I think her books - strong women stay young and strong women stay slim are out of print, but I got mine second hand on amazon.

Good luck and keep posting!! xx
Strong women stay slim is 1p second hand on amazon - if you are interested.

She also has one called strong women beat arthritis!! xx
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That's brill!! Thankyou everyone! :D I'll try those Kron, thanks! :D
Thanks Hannah! I'll google her later, it sounds like the kinda thing that's good for me! :D
My husband doesn't mind me going to the pool, or leaving him for a bit, as long as he's feeling ok :) It's just me, I'm a worrier! lol

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