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Bad start to the day!

Well I got up a bit earlier than usual today (even though I have a headache and am very tired) just so I could walk a bit further to work.

Well I couldn't find my jacket cos someone hung it up in a different place so that took 10 minutes.

I couldn't find my bag cos someone piled a load of rubbish on top. That took another 10 minutes.

Couldn't find my watch and still haven't so I threw something at the wall.

Couldn't find my Keys at the last minute and still haven't so had to use my sisters and post back through the letter box. Lord only knows how i'm going to get back in.

I called my friend to see if he could collect me on his way and he set his phone to busy and then turned it off (is now acting like i never even called).

Then I had to get bus because there was no time to walk but that didn't show up! So the next bus was crammed and I felt like a peasant!

Then I got to work, have a stinking headache and started to tell our nurse all about it in the kitchen but then our friend came in and as I was still talking they struck up another conversation completely ignoring me so I didn't bother with my drink and just walked out. Quite rude is you ask me.

I feel so angry. I use to have an anger problem last year and today is the closet I have come to losing it again. I hate feeling like this and really needed to get things off my chest.

Feel like I could cry!

Sigh :mad::(
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Happiness in a shake!
Awh hun, go scream into a paper bag and get all your frustration out, never mind those rude people and delight in your abliity to remain calm, big hugs to ya xxx
What a rotten start to the day :( good that you've got somewhere like here to get it off your chest though. I hope your day gets better :hug99: :)


Totally Focused
Take a deep breath, drink loads of water so you can get rid of your headache and keep saying to yourself that you have a reason this morning for being angry when everything seems to have gone wrong - they are just being rude! You are the better person! You have talked it through, got it off your chest, and now, as hard as it is, you need to put it behind you and start your day from now. If you don't, you are in danger of sabotaging your whole day for the sake of rude people. Nobody said it will be easy but you can do it. Show them you are made of stronger stuff!
We are all on your side!

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