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bad week - need help

i have had a bad week and with all the nibbles i have only lost 1lb. what is happening to me, i am at wk 7 and not struggled this bad since wk1.

i am taking a few days out to re-think everything and hope to be back here in a few days.. feeling down does not help!

need to hear from someone who has had a bad week and thought is was over, but who has started another week and overcome the demons.... did you have a week where it all seemed to go wrong, but you carried on and came back stronger? if so, pls let me know as i am not at goal yet and do actually enjoy the diet when i do it properly.....

please help if you can!
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I've not had a bad week weightwise yet this time but have had before --- to be honest you just need to say to yourself that this is it, it's all or nothing. I know some people can have the odd nibble but I know I can't, I'm SS all the way as I have to be to stay on it, if I nibble once then I'll just do it all the time.
I think you should give it another go as from now though as if you doin't do it for afew days then you might just let that time go on --- I've done that and I'd hate to see anyone else do it.

So forget this weeks loss, give yourself a big pat on the back for what you'/ve achieved so far and start again as from now - best of luck xx
katie, thank you so much for the reply. how sad am i waiting for a reply?!!

I am now at drinking my water and back on CD. i know i shouldnt have eaten but i stopped halfway and for that i am pleased. i am now on the water and have been telling myself i am wasting too much time effort on money if i dont get my head right.

I will not be having my CD shake tonight as feel v full, but am drinking loads of water and have promised myself that when i restart CD properly tomorrow i will ss 100% for as long as i can. i am not ready to give up and need to lose another stone to get down to my goal weight. I do not want to be doing this forever.

I know excuses dont mean anything, but i was out all day until 4pm, i was hungry, stressed, my baby is ill, my house is about to go on the market, i am due back at work after maternity leave and its half term!!! I have struggled this week more than any other, but no more..... sorry for ranting, its more at myself than anything else. i need to focus on the positives - i have done 7 weeks of CD and have lost 19lbs! I am at pre-preg weight, my bezzy mate who i started with still has to do more than 2 full days without breakig CD, I am a mum to 3 kids and cook freshly for them daily even though it nearly kills me sometimes, i have moments of feeling v down but carry on regardless.

I am trying to cheer myself up as i find that unless i feel ok in the head i simply cannot do CD. at the moment my head is all over the place but i need to just shake off all the excuses and start with a clean slate...


hoping for a good loss
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Hiya hunni - I know exactly what you mean.

I had a bad week on week 5. Started nibbling and then couldn't stop. The only thing that stopped me nibbling was when I went to get weighed I had not lost anything. Made me rethink my whole reasoning for nibbling.

Was blimming hard to stop the constant picking and get back on track but with a lot of willpower I managed and then lost 4lb that week and then 5lb this week.

Have to admit I do have the occasional pick, which I know is wrong and I know I shouldn't do it, is so blimming hard though.

Although having said that the worst time for me was when I was on a night duty so I decided on those days (nights) I would do SS+ and take a meal to work with me - It has really helped. Have you considered doing SS+ rather than SS and then you get to eat a little occassionally but the correct stuff

All the best hun, Charlie xx
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Leeds please don't see them as excuses - they are reasons, you don't need to excuse yourself for anything, all of those reasons together do add up and make us all the way we are and react the way we do.

You've done so well to realise now what you're doing and to call a halt to it rather than letting it go on and on ---- please be proud of what you're doing and where you are it, you deserve to be ;)
thank you charlie and katie. i am going to do 2 weeks of ss 100% and them move on to ss+. it is hard to get back up but i am determined and inspired by stories like charlies. how great that youhave lost 9lbs since your 'bad week'.. hope that will be in a fortnight. what would i do without all the wonderful ladies (and men) on this forum????

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Week 7 is the hardest week, well after the first few days that is. It's that half way point when the weight has begun to come off, you are feeling better, and the monkey on your back that said I'm so overweight etc that first got you on the program may be a bit quieter. You may need to find another motivation to keep going if that makes sense.


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Yup - I have done CD before and kept a very thorough blog, pretty sure I had horrific weeks and got back on track. Got down to 11stone from a start point of 15st 6.

It is doable you just have to reset yourself.

One day at a time, thats all you need to do :D

Hang in there!

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