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:sigh: OMG whats wrong with me i was doing so well now i just cant get food out my head!!
I do good all day then t-time comes and i fall off the wagon!!
I'm so disapointed in myself why am i so weak?:cry:
Hey Judy - well done on your fab loss so far - BRILL !! :D

you're NOT weak....CD IS hard.....and you defo need to be in the right frame of mind to do it....try getting thru' one day at a time...and before you know it, you'll have another week under your belt !

good luck - look forward to hearing your successes !!


Hey Judy,

I'm new to this still and perhaps can't offer as much advice as some of the other guys, but I am like you. I find it easy enough during the day and can't stop thinking about food in the evenings which is when I would normally pick :rolleyes:. The last few days I have been having one pack during the day and saving two for the evenings when I'm finding it hard. It means I have two things to look forward to in the evening and am less likely to nibble.

Try and stay positive - I know it's really tough sometimes. Think about how different things will be when you are at goal - this is something you really want otherwise you wouldn't be on CD. Stick with it girl and you'll be at goal in no time. You can do it x


Wants to be a loser!
Sweetie you are not weak - just human :eek:.

Evenings have always been the worst time for me too - Historically I have been terrible for plonking myself down in front of the tv and snacking all night long.

To try and beat my mental cravings I have made up ice lollies from the summer fruits drink to resort to in the evening which have been a life-saver on my bad days. I have a friend on CD who also suffers from t-time temptation - to combat this she has her usual two shakes during the day and then has the third shake of the day as a hot one (choc/cappucino) with half a bar while her family eats.

Don't be too hard on yourself we all have our blips :).


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thanx girls im just feeling really low, coz i know i will be gutted if i have put on when i get weighed monday but if i have its only my own fault.
I really need to kick myself up the bum coz im so happy as im loosing and i have gone down a size which feels great!
so i know what i want more but something just makes me eat Grrrrrrrr

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