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Extra Easy Days Baked Beans and Mushy Peas


Will be slinky!
Hey, I'm mostly a green day girl, but get occasional lust for bacon and ham or chicken so do an EE easy day. I know i'm supposed to have each meal as a 1/3 superfree food. I usually have beans or mushy peas with the meals. However a few comments i've read make me think that perhaps these don't count towards the third! :eat:

If anyone could clear this up i would be very grateful :character00148::thankyou:
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Only fruit & veggies count towards the superfree, so mushy peas and beans don't unfortunately. :( Sorry.


Will be slinky!
Ah thank you :thankyou:

Well i had a massive salad with dinner so it's ok today at least :happy036:


Will be slinky!
:) I like salad so i'll have that. Not like i have many EE days, i like my hex's too much :p I just do it when i want some meat :D


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The best EE meal by far is Sunday roast! Easy to have veggies with that!

Also, try subbing some of your spuddage for butternut squash.

Do your chips for 20 mins, then take out and toss, add chunks of BNS and red onion for the last 15/20 mins and whilst it's cooking, fry up some shrooms. Then have your chicken on the side of that.


Will be slinky!
I need to make sure meals have a decent amount of carbs in, so subbing for bns sounds yummy but might have to be as well as instead of instead of.
I have been following the EE and I didn't realise that the 1/3 superfree foods with each meal had to be veg not just fruit for afters. Its a struggle to have so much veg to eat as I sometimes just do not fancy it.
You can have fruit afterwards, but they recommend incorperating veg into your meals. I usually only have fruit afterwards if the meal I'm having can't really have a 1/3 veg. Like when I do a fry up, I have mushrooms and tomatoes, but couldn't eat enough tomatoes/mushrooms to make it a 1/3 so I'll have fruit after.

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