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Baked beans cooking ideas


Really likes to cook
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How about this then?................

Pete’s Baked Bean & Ham Lasagne

Serves 2


Pack of lasagne sheets
900g bottle of passata
Slices of smoked wafer thin ham
1 tin 410g baked beans
Mixed herbs
Oven-proof dish
56g cheddar (2x Hea)


Soften the lasagne sheets with boiling water to make life easy, and then purr a thin layer of passata in the base of the oven-proof dish that has been sprayed with Fry Light.
Cover with lasagne sheets, layer of baked beans, layer of lasagne, layer of passata, layer of ham, layer of passata, layer of lasagne, layer of baked beans, layer of lasagne and then the final layer of passata, soaking all of the lasagne, sprinkle with mixed herbs, then grate 56g of cheddar over it all and place in a hot oven at 180c for 30mins covered with tinfoil, then remove the tinfoil for the last 10 mins

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Ok I want to get some ssfoods into.me and I have can of baked beans. I dont want to eat them they way I always do..i.e. Usually on side of plate.with pototoes. Any ideas on what I could do.with them..maybe pasta bake but how? .
favorite in our house is a cheesy beany bake which is easily adapted to slimming world.

dry fry onion mushrooms and lean bacon add baked beans and transfer to an oven proof dish. Top with mash potatoes or any mash veg you fancy, top with hexa of grated cheese, bake until cheese golden brown :D

you can season the beans any way you like, will sometimes do it with smokey paprika and worcester sauce to give it a BBQ flavour

my kids love it :D:D:D
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My all time favourite thing to eat is cooked basmati rice mixed with baked beans and curry powder. Heat all up together and stir through some HEX cheese and reserve some for the top. It might need some water to let it down a bit. Sprinkle cheese on the top when serving. Its like a bean curry I guess!

Its also nice with baby shell pasta instead of rice.

Yum! :drool:
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Sounds very strange, but our consultant mentioned this last week. Doesn't sound very appetising but she said it was lovely..

She had gotten in from her classes, and was hungry but had used all of her HEx's and Syns. She found a tin of Baked Beans and a tin of Mushy Peas, so she chucked it all into a pan and added Curry Powder.

Suppose it will be a bit like the Mushy Pea Curry :) xx
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I'm having BBQ beans and veg with Weight Watchers sausages tonight.

I've used a tin of plain cannellini beans, but you could use standard baked beans. They are in the slow cooker now with potatoes, turnips, carrots and this syn free BBQ sauce -


I have also added a tablespoon of black treacle to make it darker and richer, (2 syns per tblspn). I will cook my sausages separately and spoon the beans etc., over, because I like my sausages to have a 'skin' on them, but you could easily just bung them in the slow cooker with everything else.
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