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Banana Icecream


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hmmmm reckon i can use my hand blender to blend the banana's with?
i did try that ....doesnt work :( had to get out my smoothie maker
thank you!! better get hunting for my proper blender then :( *hmmm where did i put it*
I am addicted to this! I always add a splash of vanilla to give it a real ice cream feel. This is also a great way to make milkshakes. One or two frozen bananas, a cup or so of milk, a splash of vanilla and sweetner, and you have a perfect milkshake. My favorite diet food.


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Oooooh - sounds amazing!

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That with some honey & crunched up meringue nest on top if you have some extra points would be yummy!


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Oh that sounds delish, must get bananas tomorrow and give it a try...sounds yum with the little bit of peanut butter in.


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Thanks for the idea for this recipe, Here is my effort!...................P.S. this was adapted for SW!

Pete’s Banana Ice-Cream
Ripe bananas
Milk from your daily allowance
*11g Options chocolate
1-2tbsp sweetener
1tsp vanilla essence


Slice the ripe bananas into 8-10mm slices and place in a freezer-proof sealable tub and freeze for at least 4hrs preferable for 24 hours.

Remove from the freezer, using a hand blender, pulse the mixture to break up the ice crystals until the lumps turn to a smooth constituency, add the vanilla essence, add sweetener as required, depending on how ripe the bananas are. Add a small amount of milk to help it turn into a smooth mix. Return to the freezer for 1hour, repeat the above action until the mix has frozen and looks & feels like ice cream.
Mine was removed and mixed at least 4 times. But I couldn’t wait and this picture was taken after 3 mixes!

Add any fruit for flavouring or add option packet of Belgium chocolate.

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