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mmmm just have to say this one is lovely!!
Oh you bugger... I love banananananananananananananananana (& can't stop typing it once I start lol)... you're just getting me back for the dark choc blokes shakes ;)
lol lol lol howdy!! well its a girl eat boy world - cant let u blokes think u have anything up on us, although id still rather have the man mocha shake lol im not usually a "bananananananananana" fan but yeah t'was good! na na na na na
Did anyone know if Mullerlight was an allowable snack? I am struggling with my sweet tooth, and a mullerlight would fill the spot nicely!

What do u think? :confused:

honestly im not at all sure! i was going to buy some last night then put them back as i just dont know, sorry! what might help you is buy some sugar free chewing gum thats been helping me heaps honestly its a life line.


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Check the label for the carb content per 100 grams, five or lower is low carb. Will be ok for maintenance if so - but the good book says whilst on the diet a dessert spoon of low fat natural yoghurt can be added to fruit.
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curses! it's 7g per 100g serving.

ho hum - back to the drawing board! :p
oooh thats a good idea!

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