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bananas-on-toast Food Diary

I've decided to start one of these diaries, keep you posted on the things I'm eating and see if you guys can help suggest some things to eat! I've been calorie counting since 10th August, but I'll just tell you today's and go from there! I am using an app on my iphone to help me keep track of everything.

Breakfast -
Two slices of wholemeal toast with an extra light laughing cow triangle split between them, followed by a golden delicious apple. Plus a cup of coffee with sweetner. (329 calories)

Lunch -
One tin of tomato soup and a bread roll (296 calories). Delicious soup, but I think I can make my own with less calories!

Dinner -
Will be having a lean pork chop, with carrots and peas. (376 calories)

Snacks -
1 shape zero yoghurt midmorning (73 calories)
2 cream crackers topped with light cottage cheese midafternoon (150 calories)
1 banana and 1 scoop tesco healthy choice vanilla icecream for dessert (210 calories)

Total - 1496

Can't believe I can stick to my calorie target whilst having icecream for dessert!!
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bananas-on-toast! I've got a feeling Walls Light Vanilla ice cream is the lowest ice cream going... only 60 calories per 2 scoops!!!! :D Is that lower than the Tesco Healthy Choice ice cream??
Tesco is 60 per scoop but it is so creamy and you can really taste the vanilla, two scoops is pure indulgence!

Today I had:
Breakfast -
2 bowls cocopops with semiskimmed milk (350 calories), not the best choice as the energy really didn't last all that long, especially as I went nordic walking afterwards, had 1 bowl and didn't feel remotely satisfied, so had another. (walking to location = 128 calories, nordic walking = 486 approx).

Snack when I got home -
Peanut butter sandwich (158 calories), really felt like I'd earned a treat, and these were my favourite snack, I'd always have more than one. Just had the one today and felt ill, doesn't have the same appeal and felt so full of stodge. Better snack next time!

Lunch -
Jacket potato and cottage cheese and ham (315 calories). All I can say is delicious.

Snack mid afternoon -
2 cream crackers, each topped with an extra light cheese triangle and a slice of ham (132 calories). Carried me over nicely til tea.

Tea -
Tomato soup and a bread roll (296 calories). Really love this soup, it's delicious and only 17p a tin from lidl!

Dessert -
Stewed apples and vanilla icecream (156 calories). Treated myself to an extra scoop of ice cream!

Cup of tea (13 calories)

Total - 1420
Net - 806

All in all I have made some food choices that I am not happy with, but we live and learn, and I am well under my calorie allowance, so that's a plus. Loved nordic walking and plan to make it a regular thing, just need the good choices to back it up.
Quite proud of myself again, my boyfriend was in a foul mood earlier today and naturally took it all out on me and made me feel like crap. Managed to sneak a bowl of cocopops into my calorie allowance so only slightly comfort ate, compared to stuffing myself with peanut butter sandwiches like I used to. Still felt at a low ebb all day though, especially him texing me all day saying how sorry he was (I get it, you're sorry, so just shut the hell up about it!!!) coz it reminded me how much of an arse he was. Pleased that I didn't let my emotions get the better of me and scoff. Got a nice turkey dinner to look forward to.
Well done! :) You should be very proud of yourself! Emotional eating's THE biggest diet ruiner!

Keep up the good work! :)
Today's food

Breakfast -
Bran flakes and a banana (250 calories), much better breakfast than the day before, filled me up til lunch.

Snack -
Yogurt (69 calories)

Lunch -
All day breakfast! Consisted of, two quorn sausages, slice of toast, baked beans and grilled tomatoes, with a dollop of brown sauce (390 calories), pure "i can't believe this is diet food" indulgence!

Snack -
Cocopops (175 calories), my way of a comfort eating chocolate fix!

Dinner -
Roast turkey dinner, with potato, carrots, cabbage, stuffing and gravy (504 calories)

Drinks -
2 cups of tea (13 calories each)
1 options mint madness hot chocolate (38 calories)

Total - 1448 calories
Net (after a walk) - 1281 calories

Unofficial weight loss of 3lb in 3 days, very pleased with my progress, and hope I can keep it up
I'm struggling to move my arms to type after aerobics class, but the class and the walk to and from it burned a whopping 1207 calories so I'm not complaining too much!

Breakfast -
Had branflakes and banana again today (250 calories) as it filled me up nicely yesterday, and as today was an excercise day, thought I'd start right. Chased it with a cup of tea (13 calories).

No mid-morning snack, was too busy phoning solicitors, pegging out washing and watching private practice to notice the time or even notice if I felt hungry.

Lunch -

Home made tuna fish cakes with the left over potatoes from yesterdays roast dinner, with sweet chilli sauce and salad (400 calories). Absolutely delicious, these may become a staple!

Snack -
Two digestive biscuits with a cheese triangle split between them (180 calories). Was feeling naughty!

Dinner -

Jerky Turkey - Left over roast turkey from yesterday cooked in jerk seasoning in a fat free greek yoghurt based sauce, with rice and peas on the side (452 calories). Delicious, but in hindsight, not the best thing to fill my tum with before going to an aerobics class!

Snack -
Bottle of diet coke for the walk home (2 calories)
Options mint hot chocolate (38 calories)

All in all, a good day, which marks the end of my first week as a calorie counter! Another unofficial WI in the morning, not sure how accurate it will be on my wii fit, but it will at least give an indication. People have started to notice a difference in me, saying I look happy and have more energy, which is great, can't wait for them to say how much thinner I look!
Unofficial WI after one week of calorie counting...


4lb lost!

My wii fit says I am 19st 6lb, which means I have finally got under 19st 7lb, which I never seemed to be able to do. I think the scales at my health trainer register at 6lb more, so I am probably about 19st 10lb, but whatever the start point, it's still the same amount of weight lost, and, being delicate, I've not pooped this morning, not sure my body is handling all the extra fibre yet! Very pleased with myself, everyone is really proud of me. Bike riding tomorrow, eeek!
Well done - a really good first week. My Wii fit puts me at 1 lb less than my diet club scales, so I think they are fairly accurate.

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