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Bank Holiday Weekend

Anyone else a bit scared??

I'm 20...so I'm definitely going to be going out more than my usual once a week. Plus my friends having a BBQ on the sunday (or just food inside if it rains) and that plus drinking twice I dont really know what to do???

I could either have a really low syn week, or I was considering focusing on maintaining this week, my main fear is a gain? I dont mind a STS for a good bank holiday weekend!

What does everyone think about that? low syn week or maintain? or maybe higher syn days mixed with lower syn could acheive a sts?

I dont really like the idea of flexi synning, its not regimented enough for me loll! and if anyone does think aiming to maintain is a good idea, how would I go about it? or can any persuade me to flexi syn? I just dont know!! :confused::confused::confused:.

I dont want to go off plan all week, and I do quite a bit of exercise as well if that helps :)
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Always comes back to MMs!
It's a tricky one... I know I have a couple of Easter Eggs coming on Sunday... plus a couple of nights out... it would be really easy to blow things this weekend.

I think you need to flex it... Im going to, and hope others will be as well. Just give yourself an upper limit, and keep on counting... if you stay low sin the rest of the week, you could very well get the STS you hope for xx
Personally for me - I would be 100% on plan right up until being out. Then at the BBQ's - I would make sure I was on red days so you can have meat & salad.

What do you drink?? Is there anyway you can maybe drink low syn drinks?

I tend to get a glass of wine & a diet lemonade, then mix so that the 1 glass of wine lasts 3 drinks (if that makes sence!!)

You do have to have a life & sometimes I have found that by being good all week has really helped. I have been away on 2 weekends away & the first I only gained 1lb & had eaten sub-ways, sandwiches & drank far to much booze!! lol 2nd I still lost that week so it can be done :)
ah I drink vodka n diet coke so I can definitely drink low syn drinks, I'm just worried that drinking twice and eating BBQ food will add up even if the drinks are low syn! Especially because it's someone elses BBQ I dont really want to turn up with my own SW stuff...I might make some SW burgers/chicken skewers and say I'm just being nice instead of being on a diet lol :).

I guess i'll just have to be strict apart from when im drinking and at this BBQ! I guess thats flexi synning isnt it?

I have done it before where I've drank a lot AND gone to TGI's and not really had SW friendly food, and still lost 1lb coz I was strict in the week. I feel like adding another drinking sesh onto that could be tricky! Guess i'll have to not be too hard on myself =s xxx
It was my bday in feb and i was going to visit uni friends and knew it would involve a lot of meals out and alcohol then when my parents picked me up from the airport took me out for another meal! Luckily I was ignoring that weeks weigh in (still did it just didnt get upset about the gain-4.5lbs :eek:) and had aimed to sts in the 2 week period. Anyway I was out with friends from home the next weekend too and within the 2 week period lost 3.5lb so felt pretty damn good with that considering I was aiming for sts especially since that meant I had lost 8lb in 1 week lol

What a load of waffle to say if it goes on quickly its usually just fluid and will come off again quickly when your back on plan 100%


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Id suggest having one diet coke inbetween your vodkas which will slow down your consumsion of alcohol and therefore lower your syn intake! :)

I agree with the bbq thing! You could even take your own dish thats SW friendly or influence your friend into making SW friendly foods?!?

Tesco lighter choices sausages - 1 syn each
Chicken Drumsticks - free if skin removed
Ainsley Harriot cous cous - 1 syn per half pack
and lots of salad?!?!

I would also recommend a low syn week - but dont deprive yourself!!

Thanks for the ideas!

I've just been looking at the SW website and I've got some good ideas for some low syn stuff I can buy/make! :) Panic Over! :) x


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to be honest, and i don't want to sound harsh or mean or anything, but i really don't understand the problem with weekends or holidays. i think this plan is so flexible that it's so easy to stay on track all the time!

for the BBQ take with you your own meat, ww sausages or home made burgers, low fat cheese slices and whole meal rolls. you can have a burger in a bun with cheese and a couple of sausages for 1 syn!! and lots and lots of salad.

drink vodka and diet coke, you can have 3 within your syns. if you need more then don't have syns the day before.

as for chocolate, break it up and weigh it and have enough to fit within your syns.

does that make sense? i don't mean to sound horrid! i just mean you can do it, but you have to prepare and have the right mental attitude!
yeh, I dont have any issues on normal weekends. I always allow 30 syns for drinking (I know thats a lot but, after a while I cant remember how much vodka i've had so I overestimate a bit :p), if im drinking twice thats 60 syns. That would leave me with 40 for the week. Plus a BBQ (and even though i'll be bringing my own food, and it wont be very high syn). I think if I deprive myself that much during the week i'll crack, so instead of doing that I'm trying to figure out a way to maintain my weight for a week, so I have a good time over the bank holiday weekend within gaining any weight or starving! Because it really is more of the week than normal days! (as I WI on wednesdays).

yeah that makes sense. i think it's just a case of being sensible, and trying to be extra good where you can :)
hmm!! Like woodsy lou said, break it up, keep it in the fridge and weigh some out and syn it each time :) or maybe eat with someone else and give away half? (no I dont like the idea of giving away chocolate either but sacrificies are nessacery!) xxx


Fighting the bulge
Lindt Easter, Lindor Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs each
1½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 1½ Syns
Green 1½ Syns

Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar 28g

7½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 7½ Syns
Green 7½ Syns

Asterisked products: If any product displays a * alongside, it is Free Food
when all the visible fat and skin is removed.

Might give you a rough idea xx​
I agree, it's all about planning ahead and making the best choices. I would do a Red day for full Healthy Extras - there is nothing to stop you taking low syn burgers and a cous cous or noodle salad (if you go down EE route). It's my birthday on Sunday so I will be following my own advice.

Marks & Spencer Venison & Sweet Red Onion Burgers, twin pack, chilled 142g each

1 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 1 Syns
Green 8 Syns

Good luck!
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Hi, i am a bit scared too as i have 2 back to back nights out planned this weekend so I will just be doing the same as you and trying to have less syns the rest of the week! I have asked everyone not to buy me easter eggs but get me something else small instead that isn't food if they really want to buy me something! I've also told myself more time off work means more time to exercise but not sure if that'll happen...good luck :)
I can't believe how many syns are in Easter eggs! My c took us through a selection at group and you could have so much for the 40 syns and up just the average egg would be! I won't be having any eggs thats for sure!
Whats getting in my way is tiramisu! I am going to an Italian and tyhey do the best ever.....but it would be so high in syns! :sigh:

Good Luck everyone with your temptations over the weekend!

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