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Bars vs Shakes

I stay away from them coz I can't just stop at one and more than one gives me the farts (was trying to think of a polite way to put it but there really isn't one)

I think the losses depend on the person. One of my CD mates swears that they don't affect her losses, another one says there is a little slow down but they keep her on the straight and narrow and says that is more important to her in the "great scheme of things"

Some people do have that need for another straight after - whether it's psychological or not I'm not sure.

I cut my bars up into little pieces, pop them in freezer bags and put them in the freezer - then each night I have a bag of Cambridge revels!

Make sure you always have a drink with each bar - as you'd have made your shake or soup with 250ml of water.


is going to loose!
THANKS everyone!!

I just had my first shake - strawberry .... yummmmmm

I'm on 790plan which is the same as 810 in the UK. 3 CD products and a meal with vege and I think milk but not sure?? Will have to go back and read the booklet.

I think I will stay on this plan until I reach 68/69 kilos. I told the CDC not to tell me my weight until then but she did mention that I had a BMI of over 26 so a little heavier than I thought, reckon I'm about 75/76 kilos much more than I thought.....

Anyway not going to think about that. She also mentioned that if I wanted to on some days I could skip the meal. We only decided on that plan because of my lifestyle so the days when nothing is on I can skip the meal and just stick to CD products.

CDC also said I could be done and dusted in 6 weeks with the loosing part and onto maintenence!




is going to loose!

:DYay I've made it half way through the first day and had so far strawberry & banana shakes, yum.

Banana didn't disolve very well and my shaker leaks I think. When I'm at home though I will use a hand blender.

Just having a coffee (decaf) and a toffee bar (double yum!). God am I jumping the gun on the first day but really feeling confident about loosing this last 10kilos(I think theres 10?) and enjoying Xmas and Summer:D:D:D:D:D.

Tonight we are off to see a band and out for dinner;

Sparkling mineral all night and fish and green salad.
Hello and welcome to the cambridge diet!

I personally love the bars and I have them with 2-3 pints of water very morning and they really do keep me filled too lunchtime - in no way do they heed your weightloss, i think there a fantastic product.

I mix all my shakes with a handblender, didnt even bother buying a shaker and they come out beautiful!


is going to loose!

Shaker was free and I was out at the time so no other choice. I only have 4 bars to last the week, well 3 now....

Tomorrow will be shakes and a soup.
I find the bars make me feel a bit hungry , but dont try taking them off me I love em!! what I dont do is have them for brekkie, I have a shake in 2 halves at work and sometimes a half packet of soup, and then I have my bar as a treat when I get home, first half about 5pm and then if I can hold out then the over half at 6-7 oclock, with half packets of shake of soup through out the evening, it works for me. I think I am very sensitive to carbs as the only time I had a bar for breakfast I was hungry all day, and not very happy. I now find a bar of an evening is perfect!


is going to loose!
Ta Angie

I'm on 790 so can have a meal. Thinking tomorrow of trying a shake for breakie, 1/2 near lunch, half after lunch a soup in the arvo, 1/2 a shake and then dinner and then 1/2 shake after dinner.


I think the bars are good to use as a treat, like in the arvo or evening with a cuppa.



is going to loose!
I had the potato and leek soup and thought OK but no very tasty!

Cranberry bar was also good today and the vanilla shake too.

Tomorrow thinking

b- shake
lunch - vege soup
as - shake
dinner - fish and vege

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