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basically this thread will be about poo!

Isn't it typical!! When you want to talk sh!t, there is no one around!! lmaooooooooooo x x
hahaha its ok Mark will be home from work in half hour! thats all the C*!P i need for the evening.
:D roflmaooooooooooooooooo x x x
haha i hardly poo on this diet, i get happy when i poo though i feel like im actually lossing weight :D hahahaaa. Ooo whilst on the subject has anyone tried the fibreclear? Is it even worth taking, i do remember someone saying it gave them diahoria (cant spell) lol
i love these threads! lol... Fibre clear gave me the runs.... i found out i didnt need em though, once i was in flow with the diet it was once a day... like a rabbit poop, golfball size! took about 10 days to get to that rythmn though.... guess everyone is different...

right Im pooped and off to bed Zzzzz
Have you tried Green Tea and/ or Mint Tea? They are both very handy when it comes to conquering constipation and also aid in detoxing the body. Neither of these give you the runs.

Hope this helps and good luck

I take fibreclear and it definately helps me. Went a week without it once and I was in so much pain! Then I take dulcolax day before weigh in if i've not been for a few days!
Emma x


Fighting for My Health
Ah you gotta love this sort of thread lol

2 tsp of fibre clear a day gives me the runs, one seems to work. I tend now to take it every other day, and over the past 4 days I've been back to my usual morning routine, and the result is very much as Nick describes lol. Prior to that I was going a few days with nothing.

Unless I get any discomfort, I've decided to just let nature take it's course as and when it fancies, be that every day over every few days.

what a load of "crap" posts! pmsl
what a load of "crap" posts! pmsl
Thanks for making me laugh Nick! lol

I go every day without fail, and i take nothing, although they are like rabbit droppings! (TMI???)
never TMI !! Just be glad you have rabbit turds, I give birth to a golf ball each day!
Well just to up date you all....Senekot didn't do it for me. now my tummy really hurts boohoo :( think I will have to resort to fibre clear.
oh yeah and loving all the poo stories guys thanks lol
Have you got some Kerry?? Stomach ache is an awful pain..

I have to say though, i am glad i don't live in your house, and have to go in there after you!! lol

Get some air freshener too!!! pmsl x x x
I will get some on my way home from my class tonight (fibre clear and air freshener that is)....might not be that nice for students if I take it before lol
Do u think the fibre clear makes u loose more weight? ive probably only been once this week and my weigh in was rubbish i only lost 2pounds lol :confused:
I don't know if anyone goes so far as to weigh themselves before and after going to the loo Rachael.....but I might be wrong:sick0019: