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Battle the bulge - Clare's diary

Where to start......
My name is Clare and I am a Primary school teacher, I am 27 and have done WW & SW before. I found SW easier and lost well on it but fell of the wagon and have put the weight back on. This time I really want to stick to it and I want to look better for Christmas and good for next summer :)

So today is the first day of me getting back on the band wagon and starting the diet again.

It was not a good start to the morning as I got a phone call to say my uncle had died last night from a large heart attack. This as u can guess put a whole downer on the day and left me wanting junk food and chocolate but NO I stuck to my guns and managed to not eat junk all day.

Im very proud of myself for this.

So here we go day one…..

Breakfast: Weetabix HEXB with milk HEXA and water to save milk, small spoon of sweetner.

Dinner: low fat noodles

Tea: Rainbow trout with honey, lime and chilli glaze ( 1 Syn) with new pots, tomatoes, spring onions, peppers, light salad cream (3 Syns) leek, mushrooms and bacon (all fat removed)Pudding: Custard (3 Syns) sweet mincemeat ( 4 Syns)

Snacks: Diet drinks all day

Total Syns - 11
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Found this and i like it so its being added to my diary

[SIZE=+1]This Time..........[/SIZE]

Another diet we're about to endure,
but this time we'll do it, of that we are sure.
We've tried all the others without much success,
but this is the one to get into THAT dress!

For years we've tried hard to lose excess weight,
and we now have the answer to looking just great.
For us no more 'chips' or 'Big Mac' on a whim,
we want to look good and we'd love to be slim.

We joined all the clubs where we'd regularly meet,
but when we read all the can't haves we'd go home and 'greet'

They said don't have this and they said don't have that,
so we'd paid all that money just for a chat!

We all have a wardrobe from size 12 up to 20,
and big, baggy jumpers of which there are plenty.
A drawer of small undies is a dream we all know,
so those big ugly knickers really must go!

With time passing quickly and teenage years gone,
we have no more excuses to rely upon,
The one about 'puppy fat' ran out long ago,
so this time it's business, let's give it a go!

Angela Convery
Day two …..

Well been getting ready to go back to school, start back again on Monday. Was going to get weighed today but did not have chance to get into school, may try and call off somewhere when out tonight and use a machine. I know it will prob be slightly different to the scales im going to use from now on but I want Monday to be my weight day as it will encourage me to be good all weekend and if I get it done tom I will be 3 days behind.
Also going to call at Tesco to get some wholemeal bread, laughing cow cheese, cottage cheese and eggs. (Wonder if tesco have scales mmmmm)

Breakfast: Magic porridge (1x HEXB)

Dinner: Batchelor's Pasta 'n' Sauce Mild Cheese and Broccoli - ½ syn used HEXA to make.

MMM this was yummy, id forgotten how yummy they are

Tea: Meat, onions and potatoes with gravy (3 Syns)

Snacks: Fruit, Diet drinks, yoghurt, walkers crisps (6 syns)

Total Syns: 9 1/2
Well called off last night and my weight is .....

11st 2lbs

So now i need to get down to 9st 7lb so thats 23lb to loose

My plan is ....
5lb September
5lb October
5lb November
Anything December after all its christmas
Reassess after christmas :D
Day three ....

Busy day today had lots to do, went to shops and decided to treat boyfriend and buy him some Twirls that were on offer for £1, this was a very bad idea. They have been looking at me all afternoon but i have managed to not have one and im going out later.

Breakfast: Weetabix HEXB with milk HEXA and small spoon of sweetner.

Dinner: Pasta with low fat cottage cheese and trout.

Tea: Potato cake made form buttery smash, egg, tomatoes and beans

Snacks: Walkers crisps (6 syns), diet coke, no sugar cordial.

Total syns: 6

Going to darts tonight so maybe updating again later.


has a thin girl inside!

I too am a primary school teacher and I must say, sad as it may be, I am looking forward to going back to school so that I can not eat as freely!! :)

Ssshhhhhhh don't be telling other teachers! :) good luck with yr weight loss! I will enjoy having a read through yr diary and seeing how well u cope when we're back to work x

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Day four .....

Had a lie in today so had a late breakfast and early tea.
Been to Blackpool in this lovely weather and picked up two new baby royals :)

Breakfast: Magic porridge (5 Syns)

Dinner: Missed due to lie in.

Tea: KFC chicken SW style (1x HEXB)
Veg, rice, bacon, 28g cheddar (1x HEXA)

Syn free rice pudding with sweet mincemeat ( 4 syns)

Snacks: Orange, peach

Total Syns: 9
Sorry got behind being so busy.

Day six

Breakfast: Stayed in bed as hols are just about over.

Dinner: Rice and chicken

Tea: Batchelor's Pasta 'n' Sauce Mild Cheese and Broccoli - ½ syn used HEXA to make. and chicken

Snacks: None today to busy to eat, and didnt use HEXB today.

Syns: 1/2 syn.

Day Seven .....

Back to work today, managed to have no chocolate, sweets or cake in the staff room. :D

Didn’t use HEXB yesterday so have used it today, not sure I can do that but I have enough syns if not :confused:

Breakfast: Weetabix HEXB with milk HEXA and small spoon of sweetener.

Dinner: Jacket pot and beans

Tea: KFC chicken SW style (1x HEXB or 3 syns) with Batchelor's Pasta 'n' Sauce Chicken and Mushroom

Snacks: Syn free pancakes (was not to keen) with lemon and sweetener
Syn free rice pudding (yummy)

Total Syns: pos 3

Weight day tom wish me luck :wave_cry:

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