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Beauty tips?!

Discussion in 'Nutrition, Health & Beauty' started by weemissnaughty, 9 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    Hey! Im just wondering what everyones top beauty tips are? Not only make up but the wee things you do/wear that make you feel fabulous!
    Mines is normally lovely perfume (channel or alien or jpg) with body shops body butter ... Buut i have a photoshoot next week and thats obviously not going to help and im a bit nervous so im trying to think of ways to feel good and im stumped!
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  3. Holliebooby

    Holliebooby Member

    A GOOD foundation! I spent so long buying foundations, deciding I didn't like them, buying another one.... Then my friend (who has the best make up case ever) gave me the end bit of her Clarins foundation, and Ive been converted! Bought a bottle in November and still have loads left. Invest in a foundation brush too; you use far less and the coverage is much more even. Fake tan always makes me feel better about myself, the st moritz stuff from home and bargain is brill, a lot of my friends who have trained in beauty say they prefer it to the much more expensive st tropez. You do look very dark when you first put it on... But it washes off to a very nice, even colour! Good luck with the photo shoot :)
  4. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    My skins pretty dry ATM so I tend to chop and change foundations to what isn't drying me out, I'm a bit scared of fake tan cos I'm so pale but I have palmers hint of a tan I might put on, but Would i be best trying to get a mitt? I've never put fake tan on lol but I think people do look better with some on but I'm scared I will go patchy lol do you put it in your face too? Xx
  5. Holliebooby

    Holliebooby Member

    Definitely get a mitt, home and bargain or b and m usually have them in for about a quid. If you use the st moritz mousse you can control the depth of the colour with how long you leave it in for, I usually leave it on over night, but you could try washing it off after a few hours if you feel it might be a little dark! Whack a load of good moisturiser on the day before, especially on dry areas :) I do put it on my face, but find it does tend to go a bit patchy there, but I have combination skin, I just make sure I've got some bronzer! Randomly I'm also going for a photo shoot tomorrow with the kids and partner, bit last minute so my version of feeling good is just dying my hair to get rid of the roots :D
  6. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    Haha im dying my hair today too :) i stuck some gradual tanner on and it seems a bit yellow lol... I will see how it goes but defo go get a mitt and tan when im paid (roll on bursery!)
    Have fun at your photoshoot! Xxx
  7. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Well-Known Member

    I'm a big lover of facials. I do my own at home. I don't use one brand of thing. I use the things I've found I like over the years. God bless benefits triple moisturiser though. I love it!! X

    Currently 15st 1.75lbs
  8. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    I'm a pale lady as well :) And a beauty therapist and makeup artist ;)

    RE Self Tan:
    Personally I'm yet to find one that works for me and doesn't make me look slightly jaundiced. But I'm just unlucky! Considering you're not an experienced self tanner I'd recommend getting a friend who is to do it (if you've the money though go for a spray tan). For the photoshoot you defo don't want streaks!

    If you decide not go down the tanning route for whatever reason and stay au natural then...
    * Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate... Pale skin (and skin that is about to be tanned) loves a good polish. Make it glow baby! Because you have dry skin keep it to max twice a week.
    * Pale skin shows up bruises and marks more easily. You can buy foundation for the body at Mac. It's a light formula but stays on well and doesn't rub off too easily onto clothes etc.

    If you want any tips about anything in particular lemme know!

    What's the photoshoot for btw????
  9. hennyhamster

    hennyhamster Well-Known Member

    After years of using bleach on my hair it had become pretty bad. I've stared using Lee Stafford's hair growth range and a Tigi leave in conditioner called Let it Be. My hair is now in amazing conditon and incredibly soft.
    Ardell lash growth serum has made my lashes look lovely and long and is pretty cheap to buy.
    The little bubble company do a range of bubblebaths, I like the vanilla biscuit one (drool).
  10. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    Hey! I had the photoshoot a few weeks ago, i will post some of the pics when im on my laptop eek, it was just anwee gorlie day out my mum got me, her and my sis it for christmas... Now she has made huuuge canvas's out of the photos and theyre haunting me haha..
  11. Perpleo

    Perpleo Well-Known Member

    i use the hair growth treatment from lee stafford :D its the one in the tub
    i do notice my roots alot more after ive used it a few times and it makes my hair really soft but i dont really like the smell of it
  12. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    A Few Tips Regarding Exfoliation!

    * Use exfoliation pads (Boots do a version) to extend the "life" of your leg and underarm wax. Go easy though - you can hurt your skin if you're too vigorous!
    * Gritty areas of skin can affect some people - on the upper arm, stomach, bum, thighs etc. This is due to toxin build up. Exfoliation with a product such as a scrub will help but your main man is the exfoliation brush. DO NOT USE WET! It's never supposed to be used wet! It does exfoliate the skin but it's main job and benefit is to improve circulation to the skin. Always brush in the direction of the heart. Do this every day in the morning and in the evening. This will really help with the elimination of toxins. Epsom salt baths will also help :)
    * Use an old toothbrush to exfoliate your lips - be sure to use lots of lip balm to restore them!
  13. missRV

    missRV Well-Known Member

    I use a good moisturiser on my face, treat myself to an eyebrow threading every month and apply even minimum make up before leaving the house..... I never took pride in how I looked before I lost the weight.
  14. Perpleo

    Perpleo Well-Known Member

    i do make an effort more now too
    usually just foundation, powder, mascara and contour my face skinny :D
  15. lumpyroo

    lumpyroo Member

    Hi all'm new hear so I can't post links hear are a few of my beauty tips regards to tanning I use a sunbed not everyone likes that idea but it works for me and I'm aware of the risks hair wise I've gone bleach blonde so on a friday or sat I mix conditioner with extra virgin olive oil and use it as a hair mask overnight for glam cat eyes when I'm going out there a super trick to get in perfect using sticky tape!! Do a search on you tube for a tutrial as I can't post links for cheap make up supplys I use a site called beaut loot (use google to find it )
  16. Perpleo

    Perpleo Well-Known Member

    ive learnt sooo much through youtube lol nails and makeup and crocheting too lol
  17. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    Some YouTube tutorials are brilliant! I only wish they were around when I was making my first steps with makeup when I was a teen. :)

    Got a fab new product - Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur - it's fab. It's basically a primer but ideal for improving the look of open pores or wrinkles.
  18. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    Lol! I'm only 26 so thankfully my "wrinkles" are baby ones :D
  19. Lolly26

    Lolly26 Well-Known Member

    I always find that painting my nails a fab colour will make me feel just that little bit better about myself. Also when I'm bored watching TV in the evening I do my nails instead of picking at food. Also, I personally think lashing on a gorgeous smelling body butter after a long shower is one of lifes great pleasures!
  20. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    I can't paint my nails ATM because I'm on nursing placement :( however I have a collection of body shop shower gel, scrubs and body butters <3 and I've just got a Victoria's Secret mango body spray to go with my body utter mmm can't wait for my bath! X
  21. Lolly26

    Lolly26 Well-Known Member

    Oh that sounds lovely! I'm an absolute fiend for the body shop coconut products. Enjoy x

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