Total Solution Becky's FINAL weight loss journey :-D

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  1. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    I have decided to keep a diary of my journey through TS. I am actually coming to the end of day 16 now and (touch wood) still going strong.

    I have to date lost 1st 4Ib and my WI day is on a Monday! My start weight was 17st 10Ib and I'm 5 ft 6inch so I have a long journey ahead of me!

    I've decided that I'm not going to give myself an unrealistic goal of my dream 10 stone but instead will give myself smaller goals! I'm now 16st 6Ib and my first target for this week is to weigh 16.2 at next WI and reach week 3 at 100% TFR!

    I want to keep with Exante now until I go on my holiday on 23 June this year and my ultimate goal would be to weigh 12 something and be into a size 14 so hopefully I've given myself long enough to be able to achieve this :-/ we shall see!

    I have been a yoyo dieter for years now and THIS time is going to be my final journey of losing weight!

    Wish me luck, I think I'm gona need it!
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  3. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

  4. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

  5. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Hello and welcome! :D
  6. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Thank you Darcy!
  7. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    18lbs in 16 days is amazing! :D

    Keep going! :)
  8. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Day 17 today :) very nearly at my 3 week target!

    Just having my breakfast which consists of half a milkshake inside a gigantic cup off black coffee (I love to use my shakes as milk) and half a red berry bar, will have the other halves of each for my lunch!

    I really need to kick the habit of daily weighing and instead stick to the once a week WI. I'm terrible, it's the first thing I think about the second I wake up each day and the impulse to do it is so overwhelming! I weighed myself this morning (I must confess) and the scales have not changed... I am fully aware that weight does fluctuate daily and that tomorrow may be a different story but it seems to make it even more important to weigh in the next day! I'm so sure that this is the reason I've given up on previous diets. I turn to food so easily when something doesn't go right for me!

    I'm determined that this time I will surprise myself and my OH that I will succeed and not be a failure!!! I think the first step to achieving this is to stop the daily weighing!
  9. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Absolutely stop the daily weighing - it just messes with your head! :eek:

    I weigh once a month now - and have found it very liberating

    --weeks with little loss are so demoralising, and add to the tempataion to give up

    A whole month of TS is bound to result in a loss - much more motivating :D
  10. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hi Becky. I agree with Darcy. If you are going to get dis-heartened when the scales don't move get your OH to put them away somewhere.

    That way you wont be able to jump on them.

    Well done on your loss so far & think of those size 14 clothes you will be wearing on holiday.

    Hope today is going well x
  11. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Wow Darcy, well done for the once a month weigh in, I really wish I could do that but there would be no way! I'm too eager, that's my trouble!

    Thanks for your support guys, it means a lot :)

    Got through another day today 100% and made my favourite meal for my OH and DD of roast chicken, mash, veg, Yorkshire puds and gravy and whilst I enjoyed the smell of it cooking, the not eating any of it didn't seem to bother me that much! I'm just going to sit and have my turkey dinner sachet instead ;-)

    Kept myself nice and busy today as I'm off work this week. Took my dog and DD on a really big walk (extremely muddy but fun) and then cleaned my DD's bedroom out and got rid of lots of stuff!

    This is the best perk for me whilst on this diet, my whole house continuously sparkles :)

    Hope everyone else had a good day :)
  12. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Keeping busy is half the trick. Well done on resisting the dinner you cooked. Here's to another TS day tomorrow x
  13. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Hello everyone, day 18 today eeeek :-D almost there with the 21 day target!! I believe that it takes 21 days of being cold turkey for your body to stop needing an addiction (in my case sugar) so only 3 days to go to break my addiction!!!

    Having a lazy morning today with DD watching a film in bed. Taking her to water park later with my sister and baby niece. My sister is on a diet too so there shouldn't be any temptation put in arms way and I'm going to make sure that DD has a big lunch before we go.

    Just having a nice big mocha (using half a chocolate shake and black coffee) and half a double chocolate bar! I usually do this every day and then have the other half of each in the afternoon!

    Have a great day everyone and may the fat fairy bring us all luck xx
  14. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Found it really difficult today. Took my DD to the water park today and could have killed for a portion of chicken and chips afterwards in the bar (this is what we normally do) but I didn't. I came home and cooked a healthy meal for DD instead and I'm just about to eat a curry sachet!

    My stomach weren't half rumbling though after swimming...

    OH is out tonight with work friends so going to have a nice hot relaxing soak in the bath and then cuddle up on sofa with my doggy :)
  15. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Stay strong Becky. That's interesting about the 21 day & addiction thing. :hmm:.

    My dog wont leave me alone in the evening. Lays on my lap & stares adoringly. Thinks she's a lap dog but way to big for that xx
  16. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Yeah, could be totally wrong! Just what someone told me and I like to think that it's true!!

    You can't beat the love of a dog, unconditional :) xxx
  17. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Does anyone know how long I have to be a member for before I am able to add my profile picture? Every time I try, it says access denied. I only joined earlier this week though...hate seeing a blank profile picture.
  18. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    I think it's 50 posts - though not absolutely sure :)
  19. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Ah right, should be there in no-time then he he
  20. joy1

    joy1 Silver Member

    well done Becky and you are doing really well.
  21. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Thank you :) xx

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