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I love cooking, and have enjoyed making things for my OH, but its all pretty experimental, as i cant taste anything to see if its ok!!! He hasnt keeled over yet, though a chilli i made the other night nearly did it! lol

We have friends coming for dinner next Friday, and i am fine with it, but i know they will prob feel weird with me sitting with a coffee and my bar whilst they tuck into Italian with no doubt copious amounts of the laughing juice!!

my thoughts are why stop doing something you enjoy?

hey goodluck x
Not sure I could cope with cooking; I can't even cope with smelling my bf cooking. I have started on the cookery programmes though. I figure if I can't eat then I can watch food and pretend I've eaten.


second time around
The first few weeks of being on ss i loved to cook and to watch my family eat, but now i hate cooking and watching. I normally go for a bath when they are eating or im very tempted to pick :sigh:


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
It happens to many of us. Our OHs are having a whale of a time! Mine is having stuff I would never normally serve up, and the kitchen is constantly strewn with cookery books. Like other CDers, I'm not desperately tempted but I often do have a teaspoonful of what I'm doing, just to taste it to make sure it's OK.

I actually think this is good training for the future - I'm learning that good food is about quality and not quantity. A spoonful of lovely stew made for my hubby is just as satisfying as a huge plateful (and I used to hate that over-stuffed feeling I had after every meal - basically because I had over-stuffed! :eat: :sigh2:). I'm pretty sure I'll be spending the rest of my life being happy with a lot less than I used to eat. (I better had be, otherwise I'll end up back on the diet, lol! :eek:)
I love cooking, and as a childminder and a mum to 2 children I still have to do it! I am finding I am cooking so much healthier now, everything form scratch, guess it's our minds helping us coming to terms with reasons why we all began cd in the first place??
i have become very keen on cooking, been pre making lots of meals for OH and have also started to wean my baby so been a very busy bee, surely it gives new ideas for when we are all maintaining!!!

My 22 month old son had an omelette for breakfast today which is a first...he loved it. Normally he has cereal, but today when i got up at 6am (the norm) i had energy and made it for him. As im no longer constantly thinking about what food to feed myself, i seem to have more time to concentrate on a good healthy diet for my son....how wierd is this diet?

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