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Becoming a new man!

Hello there, I'm Evan and this will be my first post! I'm 21 and looking to become a new me...I am currently out of work so most of my time is spent looking for jobs and attending interviews (can't wait for my big break and getting a long term fill time job) I am also transgendered; so i was born female and have transitioned to male (ftm). I am also taking hormones (testosterone) as part of my transition, not sure if that will affect my loss but we shall see. I am also currently filming for a BBC3 Documentary with my Boyfriend which is about being trans and growing up (on this will be interesting to see if you can see a change in my weight!)

I went to class last wednesday (11/5/11)
I weighed in at 24st 13.5lb

I am not sure what weight i want to be at so i will keep on going until i am happy.

I have struggled with my weight all my life, In school I was bullied so comfort ate, i then started to comfort eat more and make myself sick which luckily i have found out was silly and no longer do!

I have a very supportive family which is helping and this week i have really enjoyed the new food and making the correct choices...the past week i have been reading a lot on this forum and you all seem really nice and supportive hence me deciding to post to get extra support...In my house i also have my mum doing sw and she attends the same class as me!

I am flowing the extra easy days because...well i find them easy.

Thursday food diary
B - 2 kiwi fruit and a slice of pineapple

L - Pasta n Sauce - cheese and brocolli - 0.5 syn
HEB - 3 crispin Rolls

D - homemade extra lean meatballs, in a sauce made from tinned tommatoes, garlic, red onion, spring onion, mixed fresh peppers and mushrooms. (1syn for cooking in a tiny bit of olive oil)

I had this with salad and a jacket potato

Robbinsons squash - 2.5 syns (need to go buy nas juice)

S - 3 sticks of celery with fat free natural yog with sf mint sauce mixed in

Total number of Syns - 4

Friday food diary
B - Muller light and Apple

L - Pasta n Sauce - 0.5 syn
3 ryvita

D - Lean steak, with slimming world chips, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and peas YUMMY)
Squash (2.5syns)

S- 3 crispin rolls with virtually fat free cottage cheese and cucumber (6syns)

Total number of syns - 9

Saturday food diary
(I struggled today as was out all day helping/participating a youth event and didnt take enough food with me)

B - Bananna, Apple and muller light

L - Ham and lettuce sandwhich (6syns for the bread 0.5 for flora light)

D - Chicken and salad with 3 crispin rolls and cottage cheese (heb)

S - Strawberrys, grapes, cherries (about 4)
Alpen Light bar (3syns)

Total number of syns - 9.5

Sunday food diary
B/L- Bacon grilled fat removed, quorn sausage, beans, scramboled egg, Mushrooms, with a slice of blackpudding (3syn)

with this i had my heb of 3 crisp rolls (yummy with beans)

D - Roast chicken, yorkshire pudding (3syns) mash and LOADS of veg carrots, sugar snap peas, coliflower and brocolli Gravey (2.5 syns)

S - Apple chopped up with bannanna and a muller light

Total number of syns - 8.5

Monday food Diary
B - 2 weetabix bannanna and fat free natural yog

L - Mugshot, Blueberries, red graps and sweetened nat yog

D - Chilli with Jacket potatoe and LOADS of salad (2syns for chilli mix - half a packet)

Total syns today - 2syns

So that was a long post...sorry about that!

BYE :newbie:
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What a great first post! It is good that you have been so honest and open about your journey so far. I wish you loads of luck for losing weight though sounds like you wont need it as you sound very determined and hardworking.

It sounds really great about the documentary you are filming. BBC3 is one of my fav channels, I watch everything on there! So I cant wait to see it!

I'll be following your diary on here so will post again soon! x


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Hi and welcome, you will definitely find lots of supportinve people around here so you have come to the right place!

Just having a quick look at your food diary, I'd say you need to up your superfree food. 1/3 of every meal should be your superfree. I notice some of your lunches don't seem to have any so you need to watch that.

It does take time to get into it and I'm sure you will soon get into the habits! Good luck x
Thanks for that tip...i struggle with ideas for lunches really which i think may be my downfall.
I am currently looking for ideas for lunches which this forum is coming in very handy for!

But yes, thanks again to both of you!

Best of luck on your journey!
So today i have been feeling very rubbish, being a man but then being biologicialy female takes its tole...more so when its that time of the month, my head goes crazy and i feel like a emotional wreck. Hopefully they will stop soon for good!

B/L - Bacon, quorn sausage, egg, and portabello mushrooms with some beans and tomato

S - Apple and grapes cut up in a bowl (i seem to enjoy it more that way

D - pork chop, slimmingworld chips and a massive salad of lettuice, cucumber, peppers, onion, beetroot, tommato

But i have not had any of my HEA or HEB maybe tonight i'll have some ryvitta mini's, alpen bar or maybe crispbread with laughing cow. We shall see!


Trying again in 2012
Welcome and well done on such a positive start!!

Your menu today sound yum, it makes it so much easier when you're enjoying what you're eating. With your mum at home to support you and us lot on here all you can't fail. Just keep going one day at a time and keep posting xxx
One more update!

Tomorrow for the first time in about 6 years i am going swimming...this is a very big deal for me but i am going to do it...if i enjoy it it may become a weekly thing!

My next door neighbour who is also on sw is coming along with her little boy, she doesnt like water so will be watching him but it means i have the support in the water which will be good.

I have set myself a target of at least 10 lengths.
so we shall see how i get on!
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Helllo, I feel so happy and energised!

I went swimming and LOVED it, we arrived as where in the water for about 10 and got out at around 11.30, so i had a good hour and a half, in total i did 9 and a half lengths, all front crawl i think (the one where your arms are brought out the water) I also had my next door neighbour and her 4 year old so there was lots of swimming after him which adds more to the burning pot of exercise!

i have also enqired about water arobics and men can go...so starting on Friday i shall be doing that too!

I was tired after my swimming and legs are a little achey...I think i may go for a walk a little later if the rain keeps off with my jack russel!

Today i have eatten

B - Bannanna (was rushing to get to swimming)

S (after swiming) another bannana and a apple

L - Quorn fillet, bacon and boiled egg (all cut up) tossed in a salad of lettice, cucmber, sweetcorn, raddish, tomato, celery with some cottage cheese! (very much looking forward to my lunch)

So, overall a very happy evan!
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Hi Evan

Welcome to SW. This forum is the best thing ever! You will find loads of help and advice on here if you're ever stuck with your diet. I'm doing EE too and find it real easy - I just can't seem to get my head round red and green - one of these days I just might and have a go at one of those instead. I eat loads of salad and veg which is all free - cooked without oil/fat obviously and pasta and rice is free too so loads of things you can do with that. My biggest tip is drink loads of water/sugar free juice. I try to drink at least 5 pints a day and that really works well for my weight loss - even though I then wee for England!

If you get chance have a look through other food diaries for ideas and loads of receipes on here too - I keep going to try the diet coke chicken but not got round to it yet. Sounds disgusting I know but I think it turns out like it's in a sticky sauce - yum yum!

When is your first weigh in? Good luck with your journey.

xxxxxxxx :D

P.S well done on the swimming x
First weigh in is tonight, really looking forward to it but also reallly nervous!
I shall see how i get on!

really happy today too because i have found a water arobics class for both men and woman so when my mums recoverd from her operation i am going to go there of a evening then have a swim...thats on a tuesday so a day before wi....

I am fed up of saying im going on a diet, sliming world has really made me feel good about myself this week as i have stuck to it, which means its for the long term!


Trying again in 2012
Well done on the swimming (I wish I could be braver, I love the water but not ready to expose these lily white legs to the world anytime yet!!) and good luck for your first WI!!!

I'm happy, first weigh in....first sticker!

I lost 7lb

Just had my dinner,
2 slices of toast with laughing cow and a bowl of spagetti.
(I needed somthing really quick as was hungery)
Wow 7lbs is fantastic! Well done on your first award, I'm sure it will be the first of many :D
After yesterdays loss i feel very possitive and driven, which is good.
I suppose its because if i stick to it 100% i know it works.

I wanted to go swimming again today but then looked outside and it was sunny, so instead the dogs going to come with me for a walk! Well he is if its still sunny after me and my mum have been food shopping and the fridge is getting a bit empty as is the fruit bowl!

I'll post meal diarys later when i have eaten more than a apple and a cup of peppermint tea!
Well, today has been great, unfortunatly there was no dog walking as it started to rain and now all the people who shout abuse will be at the hills where i walk the dog.

Todays food has been

B - Apple and Bananna
S- Apple
L - King Prawns, Seafood sticks x3 with salad (lettice, carrot, sugar snap peas, cucumber, red pepper) with a little extra low fat cottage cheese!

D - Kebab made with lean lamb mince and the herbs from the recipe on this site,
with sw chips and sweet potatoe chips and another salad of tomato, raddish, cucumber, lettice and cabbage.

Later (for my pud) i have rasberrys and blueberrys with a little bit of sweetened quark.

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