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Becoming a new man!

Hello! Today has been good, and very yummy!

B- Bannana, Blueberries and Raspberries

S - Apple

L - Coop wholemeal pitta (heb) with sliced beef and cottage cheese with lettuice and cucumber with more lettiuce cucumber and raw sugar snap peas on the side! was totally scrummy yummy!

For dinner i am making a chicken and spinich curry which is in the slimming world extra easy meals in minutes!
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I have stuggled today, i was working with my mum and we both woke up late,

B- Rassberries and blueberries (in the car)

L- Buffet was provided, was lucky, i had 2 small triangle sandwhiches one ham and salad, with some form of soft flora like spread, one with just chicken also with the flora like spread. Not a clue how to syn it!
Also some boiled rice (there was curry i just had the rice) and some salad.

Was such a boring lunch and so could of had the samousrs, spring rolls, oinion bargies the sheek kebabs and my gosh the cream cakes which where there....WAS SO HARD NOT TOO.

I also had a pack of french fries I also ate a chuppa Chup (4.5 syns and 3.5 syns)

D- Gammon steak, slimming world chips, pinnapple and peas!
and 2 necterenes for pud!

Tommorrow i also feel is going to be hard...im filming for my documentry so that means lunch out, we are also doing a beach sceane which means icecream however i shall go for a icelolly which hopefully will be less syns. HUMPH.
Yesterday was hard...but i stuck to it, and was very proud of myself!
I was filming for my bbc3 documentry, in liverpool with my dad, food was alright...was a grab and go type of day.

B - 28g of fruit and fiber with bannana, rasberrys and blueberrys ..150ml ssmilk (hea+b)

L - Steak, Jacket potato, mushroom, grilled tomato and peas with a laughing cow extra light triangle
was in a pub so have allowed 3 syns for oil...i asked for no butter and things where apparently cooked on the grill.

S - when filming i had to get a icecream i got a twister - 4 syns , 1 raw carrot.
We also filmed in starbucks, i got a mango and passionfruit frappachino which on this fourm i have found it was 8 syns...if someone could confirm that would be great!

I also had a mixed fruit salad!

D- Traveling home realised i hadnt got things out for dinner at home, so we pulled in at a service station, i got 2 chicken breasts and a rainbow stri fry from marks and spencers and cooked when home. I also added some fresh chilli to some lime and lemmon juice for a chilli sauce! was yuummy!

Here is a picture of my dinner!

In total today i have had 14 syns...which considering everyone else was eatting lots of doughnuts, crisps and chocolate i am very pleased with myself!
Hey Evan

Well done, even though you didn't prepare you chose v well!!

Hope you gave us on slimming world minmins a plug on your documentry! Hope it went well for you, can you let us know when it's on so we can watch ya.

Have a good week honey.

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I will be sure to let you know, i know its on around winter time name and such is still in progress!
I shall try and get a plug in!

I shall update later with food as i am currently cooking dinner so not got a long time to type!


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Well done evan great 1st loss, and keep up with the swimming its so good for exercise.
Good luck on your weight loss journey :0)
I have now aranged to go to water arobics on wednesday, i am very excited.
Today i went swimming and i was really pleased with myself, i did 18 lengths in 3/4 of a hour! (pleased as its only the second time i have been)

Foodwise today has been yummy!

B - Blueberrys and rassberrys

L - Portabello mushrooms, beans, egg, quorn sausage and a peice of lean bacon!

S - 3 cherrys

D - Homemade burger in a roll (HEB) side salad with swchips and sw sweet potato chips!
Today has been tasty, i have now realised i am a blooming good cook!

B - 28g of fruit and fiber, with bananna, chopped grapes and cherries.
L- Half of the chicken and mango salad thing (Didnt like it, was way too oniony and sweet)
S- Homemade carrot and corriander soup (was making it as a test for the weekend...ITS YUMMY) had with some ryvitta minis

D- chilli with ither rice or jacket potatoe...with some salad!
Helllo! So i had WI yesterday and lost 2.5 lb so am pleased by that!

On Wednesday i had

B- 28g fruit and fiber with a bananna and 100ml ssmilk
S- 3 crisprolls with cottage cheese (6syns)
L - Quorn, bacon and egg tossed salad
D - Potato and spinch curry with bulga wheat

then after wi i had some french fries and apple and kiwi!

B- alpen light, orange and apple
S- alpen light
L- left over spinch and potato curry

not sure whats for dinner, it is however somthing to do with pork!
I have been slacking with this, i have however been 100% on plan.

today i have eatten

b- apple and bannana

L- Bacon, egg, mushroom, quorn sausage, tomato and beans

d - chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with laughing cow, with roasted veg - bns, parsnip, turnip, sweet potatoe, sweet pepper, sweet potatoe and chilli!

I also went for a 2 hour walk with my dog, he loved it just as much as i did!

B - Fruit n Fiber with a bannana

L- Carrot and corriender soup - 3 crisp rolls (6syns)

D- Soy glaised beef with stifry veg and noodles (sw recipe and very yummy)

S- Watermellon, Jelly (0.5 syn)

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