Beef stew with carrots, parsnips and cabbage


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I know that chicken and fish are mainly recommended on slim and save but i really find that steak, beef stew with lots of veg and oxtail soup in it are the things that really keep me going on this diet. It is my protein meal once a day and i have lost 9lbs for my first week. I am on three packs per day.

My query is whether it really is not ok to have meat as our protein as i far prefer beef than chicken and i really hate fish. If there are no carbs in it and Ihave it with veg, is it ok to have once or twice a week??. I also have the odd skinny latte while travelling to uni at the train station. is this ok??
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I guess these are questions best asked to Rob. Skinny latte - depends on where from I guess, are they using syrups or fresh ground to make it up? Red meat - can't really answer that other than to say I have it a couple of times a week as protein, thats not to say it's right though as I'm unsure of the reason it's not on this list - maybe it's cause it tends to be fattier so its a consideration of the calorie content? Not entirely sure :)


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Id say the higher calorie content is why its not advised, but if you're happy and have good losses then stick with it. carrots and parsnips are quite carby, better to have swede and turnip as they are on the allowed list.

as for coffees, I drink lots, see if you like skinny flat white coffees, they should have less milk in as its a shorter stronger drink. since doing these diets ive developed a taste for really small strong coffees to avoid loading up on calories.
or obviously americanos with a bit of milk I spose..


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I fancy making a stew myself, might do tomorrow, seems right with the snow in the garden!


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I've just put a beef stew in the slow cooker for the family- might treat myself too! Yum!

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why not go on the slim and save site and use the meal planner and weight tracker

the meal planner is great

you put in what you eat and drink and it calculates what your cals and carbs are

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It's great to have things that keep us on track when desperate, but on a slippery slope to start tweaking especially at the beginning of your journey