beefybirds shrinking!


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hi gang,
thought i'd start my own thread, cos i get really lost and end up spending hours looking to see where i posted last. well, dday has arrived and i have just had my first weigh in. my bmi has dropped from 42 to 39 in a week. my bp was 175/90, and is today 108/81! and above all i have lost.........13.5lbs in my first week. the horribleness of the week is now all so worthwhile. i am definately going for gold for another week! will measure inches tonight at my get together with my buddy(also on LT and lost 12lbs!). between the 2 of us, we have lost 25.5lbs in a week. isn't that amazing? hope this helps to motivate a few of you who are further down this long road. we will be needing you in the next few weeks. thanks so much for all the help during my first week. look forward to chatting with you all again
xx:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D and then some!!!!
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A wonderful result BB!!! Well done and good luck with the week ahead! :D :D


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Oh what a good loss,well done and to you buddy to.
The first week is hard but the end resoult is worth it and it does get easer.
Love to you loth
Libbie x

Jelly belly

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Well done that's a fantastic loss, it's definately worth it though it's not an easy diet to follow

Keep it up


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nice one jelly belly. that is a great improvement. looks like were about level pegging, so lets help eachother out as much as poss. post to me whenever you like, i try to check in at least daily.
keep it up babe


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I'm truly amazed!

Hello Hayley

To lose a stone in a week is absolutely amazing. It took me one month to do that.

What did they say when you went for your weigh in?

I have a colleague who is seriously considering LT. He is 3 stones overweight and this kind of weight loss would be very encouraging for him.

Have you lost such a lot because you have more than 3 stone to lose? I hope you don't mind me asking.

Marylyn xx


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beefybirds reply to marylyn

hi marylyn,:p
i started at 17st11 and am now 16st11 and a half after a week. i would like to reach 11.5stone. the lightest i have ever been as an adult is 11st11 after lots and lots of weeks at weightwatchers years ago. my starting weight then was only 13st7, and i thought i was huge!
i am aiming for another stone in the next three weeks.
what about you? where are you up to on your journey?
take care
Hi Hayley, I have been waiting for 6 weeks now to get permission from the doctors to start a vlcd in particular Lipotrim. I should know in the next 4 or so weeks if I can. I will be posting quite a bit then. You have done so well. Well done. We will have a lot to chat about on here when I start as I need to lose about 19 stone.
Pam xx


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where has everyone gone? are you all still losing. i am up to 20lbs now in 3 weeks. all the chat here kept me really focussed. missing all your chat.

Hi Hayley,

Wow! 20lbs. in 3 weeks is fantastic weight loss!

We have Eclipse Joined us today and she has done marvelous on Lipotrim and has maintained very well over the last year.

Your doing good and here's to another good week ahead of you.

Love Mini xxx


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Morning Hayley.
Whoo babe what a great loss 20 in 3 weeks,
So so chuffed for you.
Keep up the good work.
Sending you lots of well done hugs xxxxxx


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thanks everyone for all the encouragement.:D on a high tonight. today was weigh day, and i lost a big 8lbs!! that is exactly 2 stone in a month. i am so delighted. at this rate i will be getting a christmas dinner!(even if it is on a sideplate!!):p :eek:


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S: 18st3lb
thanks everyone for all the encouragement.:D on a high tonight. today was weigh day, and i lost a big 8lbs!! that is exactly 2 stone in a month. i am so delighted. at this rate i will be getting a christmas dinner!(even if it is on a sideplate!!):p :eek:


2 stone in a month!!!

That is awesome Hayley well done and what motivation that will give you for the week ahead.:D

So happy for you.

Love Mini xxx


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just wanna say how fantastic that is!!!!

I was browsing the posts and looking at the ticker in your signature, thinking that can't be right... looked at when you started the diet (september right?) then at how much it said you lost in such a short time and was absolutely gobsmacked..:eek: I knew this diet was supposed to be good but that's bl00dy brilliant!!:D

Well done you, bet you're so proud of yourself!

Keep up the very good work xx
Hello Hayley:)
BIG WELL DONE !!!!! Great isn't it when this happens.
It is not an easy 'fix' but it does work. I am a re-starter, after a 4 weeks break, Last week was my first 'back'. So it is a struggle, but EXCELLENT for you.:D